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Korean War Memorial
Korean War Memorial in Igo, California

Igo, California
11800 Gas Point Rd.
GPS coordinates: 40.47902,-122.54341

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The Korean War Veterans Association, Northern California Chapter #1, dedicated this memorial November 2009, and the keynote address was provided by former California State Senator K. Maurice Johannessen, who also served for several years as California's Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

During his welcoming remarks, McKinney remembered the day, June 25, 1950, some 59 years earlier, when he, as a U.S. Air Force pilot serving occupation duty in Japan, was summoned to evacuate American diplomatic and civilian personnel shortly after the Chinese and North Korean armies invaded South Korea.

"We are here today not to celebrate war, but to remember those who sacrificed and served their country during a time of war to defend those they did not know in a land they had probably never heard of," McKinney said.
The cemetery is open daily 8 to 5.

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