Veterans memorials

"On Eternal Patrol" Memorial

San Diego, California
San Diego Navy Training Center
Cushing Rd. at Roosevelt Rd.
GPS coordinates: 32.73650,-117.21248
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“On Eternal Patrol” is used when a submarine is lost at sea. If you look down the sidewalk there are several black stone markers. Each will tell the story of a submarine on eternal patrol. Take a little walk, read a little history. You are at the old San Diego Navy Training Center (NTC). Sailors would come here not only for boot camp but also advanced naval schooling.

This base has a special place in this California state sponsor's life. It was not 4 blocks from here, and 38 years ago, a young sailor named ROB ELLIOTT, met a young Wave, dated and 38 years later they still call San Diego home. So listen up when he recommends something in San Diego.

Let’s eat. Slater’s 50/50, what a burger! Their claim to fame is a burger that’s 50% beef 50% bacon. Need we say more?

Last but not least, the Wounded Warrior Project has an office just down the street. Stop in and say hello.
Slater’s 50/50, 2750 Dewy Rd Liberty Station
Wounded Warrior Project, 2468 Historic Decatur Road Suite 150

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