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2016 Trophy List
  Name Flag State Trophy
      Alabama 1st PLACE
      Alabama 2nd PLACE
      Alabama 3rd PLACE
      Alaska 1st PLACE
      Alaska 2nd PLACE
      Alaska 3rd PLACE
      Arizona 1st PLACE
      Arizona 2nd PLACE
      Arizona 3rd PLACE
      Arkansas 1st PLACE
      Arkansas 2nd PLACE
      Arkansas 3rd PLACE
      California 1st PLACE
      California 2nd PLACE
      California 3rd PLACE
      Colorado 1st PLACE
      Colorado 2nd PLACE
      Colorado 3rd PLACE
      Dakotas 1st PLACE
      Dakotas 2nd PLACE
      Dakotas 3rd PLACE
      Florida 1st PLACE
      Florida 2nd PLACE
      Florida 3rd PLACE
      Georgia 1st PLACE
      Georgia 2nd PLACE
      Georgia 3rd PLACE
      Hawaii 1st PLACE
      Hawaii 2nd PLACE
      Hawaii 3rd PLACE
      Idaho 1st PLACE
      Idaho 2nd PLACE
      Idaho 3rd PLACE
      Illinois 1st PLACE
      Illinois 2nd PLACE
      Illinois 3rd PLACE
      Indiana 1st PLACE
      Indiana 2nd PLACE
      Indiana 3rd PLACE
      Iowa 1st PLACE
      Iowa 2nd PLACE
      Iowa 3rd PLACE
      Kansas 1st PLACE
      Kansas 2nd PLACE
      Kansas 3rd PLACE
      Kentucky 1st PLACE
      Kentucky 2nd PLACE
      Kentucky 3rd PLACE
      Louisiana 1st PLACE
      Louisiana 2nd PLACE
      Louisiana 3rd PLACE
      Michigan 1st PLACE
      Michigan 2nd PLACE
      Michigan 3rd PLACE
      Mid-Atlantic 1st PLACE
      Mid-Atlantic 2nd PLACE
      Mid-Atlantic 3rd PLACE
      Minnesota 1st PLACE
      Minnesota 2nd PLACE
      Minnesota 3rd PLACE
      Mississippi 1st PLACE
      Mississippi 2nd PLACE
      Mississippi 3rd PLACE
      Missouri 1st PLACE
      Missouri 2nd PLACE
      Missouri 3rd PLACE
      Montana 1st PLACE
      Montana 2nd PLACE
      Montana 3rd PLACE
      Nebraska 1st PLACE
      Nebraska 2nd PLACE
      Nebraska 3rd PLACE
      Nevada 1st PLACE
      Nevada 2nd PLACE
      Nevada 3rd PLACE
      New England 1st PLACE
      New England 2nd PLACE
      New England 3rd PLACE
      New Mexico 1st PLACE
      New Mexico 2nd PLACE
      New Mexico 3rd PLACE
      New York 1st PLACE
      New York 2nd PLACE
      New York 3rd PLACE
      North Carolina 1st PLACE
      North Carolina 2nd PLACE
      North Carolina 3rd PLACE
      Ohio 1st PLACE
      Ohio 2nd PLACE
      Ohio 3rd PLACE
      Oklahoma 1st PLACE
      Oklahoma 2nd PLACE
      Oklahoma 3rd PLACE
      Oregon 1st PLACE
      Oregon 2nd PLACE
      Oregon 3rd PLACE
      Pennsylvania 1st PLACE
      Pennsylvania 2nd PLACE
      Pennsylvania 3rd PLACE
      South Carolina 1st PLACE
      South Carolina 2nd PLACE
      South Carolina 3rd PLACE
      Tennessee 1st PLACE
      Tennessee 2nd PLACE
      Tennessee 3rd PLACE
      Texas 1st PLACE
      Texas 2nd PLACE
      Texas 3rd PLACE
      Utah 1st PLACE
      Utah 2nd PLACE
      Utah 3rd PLACE
      Virginia 1st PLACE
      Virginia 2nd PLACE
      Virginia 3rd PLACE
      Washington 1st PLACE
      Washington 2nd PLACE
      Washington 3rd PLACE
      West Virginia 1st PLACE
      West Virginia 2nd PLACE
      West Virginia 3rd PLACE
      Wisconsin 1st PLACE
      Wisconsin 2nd PLACE
      Wisconsin 3rd PLACE
      Wyoming 1st PLACE
      Wyoming 2nd PLACE
      Wyoming 3rd PLACE

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