Veterans memorials

Doughboy List

This is a list of all doughboys currently in the Tour of Honor database:

Name Description Location City State GPS Coordinates
AL EMV Doughboy Quintard Street between 12th and 13th Street Anniston AL 33.660473,-85.826702
Bessemer AL EMV Doughboy 1602 3rd Avenue North Bessemer AL 33.399553,-86.95526
Birmingham AL EMV Doughboy 20th Street North and Park Place Birmingham AL 33.519957,-86.809471
Carrollton Doughboy Courthouse Lawn Reform St and Commerce Ave Carrollton AL 33.2619541, -88.0948367
Eufaula AL MMC Stone Doughboy Broad ST and Orange AVE Eufaula AL 31.893049,-85.142091
Headland AL MMC Stone Doughboy 21 Park Street Headland AL 31.352062,-85.342397
Montgomery Rainbow Division Sculpture DB 300 Water St Montgomery AL 32.380623, -86.313588
NEMV Doughboy Broad Street Wedowee AL 33.30927, -85.48488
Conway NEMV Doughboy Hendrix College Young-Wise Memorial Stadium 1600 Harkrider St Conway AR 35.100173, -92.437550
NEMV Doughboy Spring Street Eureka Springs AR 36.40217, -93.73740
Fort Smith AR EMV Doughboy 4901 Midland Boulevard Fort Smith AR 35.423266,-94.375673
Helena AR EMV Doughboy Intersection of Cherry and Perry ST Helena AR 34.529145,-90.586146
NEMV Doughboy Washington Ave & S Main St Jonesboro AR 35.83823, -90.70515
"Das Boots" Doughboy Father Tribou Street Little Rock AR 34.75628, -92.34531
Manila - Davis DB Herman Davis State Park - Baltimore Ave & Fleeman St Manila AR 35.87305, -90.16605
NEMV Doughboy Main Street Melborne AR 36.05896, -91.90579
NEMV Doughboy W Broadway & S Van Bibber Street Pocahontas AR 36.26137, -90.97126
Kingman AZ EMV Doughboy EMV Doughboy 401 E. Spring ST Kingman AZ 35.191871,-114.052637
Kingman AZ EMV Sailor EMV Sailor 401 E. Spring ST Kingman AZ 35.191871, -114.052637
Sacaton Matthew B. Juan – Ira H. Hayes Veterans Memorial Park Sacaton-Casa Blanca Rd & Sacaton Rd Sacaton AZ 33.080861, -111.744901
Clovis - NEMV - Playing Bugle 453 Veteran's Pkwy (Clovis Veterans Memorial District) Clovis CA 36.8245355, -119.698994
Fresno - "Dough Boy" Statue Small Doughboy statue inside Veterans Memorial Museum 2425 Fresno St Fresno CA 36.739431, -119.788027
NEMV Doughboy Pershing Square - S Olive and W 5th St Los Angeles CA 34.04872, -118.25311
San Francisco (Golden Gate Park - Cummings) Doughboy at the Heroes Redwood Grove Golden Gate Park San Francisco CA 37.772080, -122.474592
NEMV Doughboy Civic Center Drive and Ave of the Flags San Rafael CA 38.00093, -122.53538
Colorado Springs CO EMV Doughboy Evergreen Cemetery,1005 South Hancock ST Colorado Springs CO 38.817758,-104.801866
Denver Lowry Doughboy Fairmount Cemetery - Military Area Denver CO 39.70864, -104.89644
Manitou Springs NEMV Memorial Park - El Paso Blvd Manitou Springs CO 38.85810, -104.91067
Northglenn NEMV Doughboys Northglenn Veterans Memorial - Rec Center Northglenn CO 39.91009, -104.98756
Pueblo NEMV Doughboy Parkway between w 28th & N Elizabeth St Pueblo CO 38.29728, -104.61516
Bethel CT EMV Doughboy Square, Greenwood AVE at Bristol ST Bethel CT 41.371398,-73.411188
Danbury West and Division St - Danbury CT 41.39203 -73.45881
East Hartford (Main St) Paulding Doughboy on Main Street Public Library Corner of Main and Central East Hartford CT 41.768017, -72.644317
Meriden - WWI Memorial Broad and Main St Meriden CT 41.533365, -72.792608
North Canaan CT EMV Doughboy East Main ST and Granite AVE North Canaan CT 42.026306,-73.328124
Westport - Veteran's Green Doughboy J.C. Clinton Doughboy - Veterans Green Memorial - dedicated Nov 1930 Myrtle Ave & Main St Westport CT 41.145435, -73.361007
Clearwater FL EMV Doughboy Pierce BLVD Clearwater FL 27.962502,-82.802709
Clearwater FL EMV Sailor Pierce BLVD Clearwater FL 27.962502,-82.802709
Doughboy (Dixie Doughboy) Veterans Memorial Center Merritt Island FL 28.35119, -80.68295
Miami Doughboy & Sailor - Cemetery Woodlawn Cemetery WWI memorial 3260 SW 8th St Miami FL 25.761900, -80.247983
EMV Memorial Bridge Doughboy NE EMV Doughboy - East End, North Side Memorial Park Bridge Palatka FL 29.644472, -81.615581
EMV Memorial Bridge Sailor EMV Sailor Memorial Park Bridge Palatka FL 29.646801, -81.628146
EMV Memorial Bridge Doughboy NW EMV Doughboy - West End North Side Memorial Park Bridge Palatka FL 29.647129, -81.628086
EMV Memorial Bridge Doughboy SE Variant EMV Doughboy Memorial Park Bridge - East End South Side Palatka FL 29.644171, -81.615674
EMV Doughboy 1998 Copy Gulf Stream and Main ST Sarasota FL 27.334356,-82.544024
Tampa Doughboy Hillsborough County Veterans Memorial Park 3602 US-301 Tampa FL 27.976983, -82.363028
Tavares NEMV Doughboy Main and Sinclair Tavares FL 28.8020615,-81.7310633
Americus GA EMV Doughboy Elm AVE and Bosworth ST Americus GA 32.065901,-84.224717
Griffin GA EMV Doughboy Corner of First and Taylor Griffin GA 33.246764,-84.253905
Madison GA EMV Stone Doughboy Hancock and East Jefferson ST Madison GA 33.595682,-83.466658
Nashville GA EMV Doughboy East Marion AVE and North Davis ST Nashville GA 31.206908,-83.249941
NEMV Doughboy 100 E Screven St - Front of Courthouse Quitman GA 30.78527 -83.56026
Trion GA EMV Doughboy Memorial DR Summerville-Trion GA 34.51419,-85.332621
Waycross GA EMV Doughboy Lott ST and Mary ST Waycross GA 31.210146,-82.358694
Atlantic - Cass County Soldiers Monument Doughboy statue along with Civil War and Spanish-Am soldiers on base White Pole Rd & Chestnut (Atlantic City Park) Atlantic IA 41.404511, -95.013514
Cherokee Doughboy (VFW) WWI Doughboy statue in Front of VFW Post 2253 113 E Maple St Cherokee IA 42.748759, -95.550796
Estherville (WW1 Memorial) 613 Central Ave - Estherville Public Library lawn Estherville IA 43.402214, -94.835995
Hospers (Reinders WW1 Soldier Statue) intersection of Main and 2nd Ave Hospers IA 43.072470, -95.905953
Marengo (NEMV) Iowa County Courthouse Lawn - Hilton & Court Marengo IA 41.79840 -92.07041
Mason City IA EMV Doughboy 3rd ST NW and Washington ST Mason City IA 43.154392,-93.202833
Mechanicsville IA EMV Doughboy Rosehill Cemetery, Reeder ST Mechanicsville IA 41.909091,-91.258675
Winterset (NEMV) Winterset Cemetery - Summit and 4th Ave Winterset IA 41.32992 -94.00932
Payette ID EMV Doughboy WWI Doughboy next to the 50' Flag Pole Freedom Won Park, 3rd & North Main Payette ID 44.078266,-116.935037
St Anthony DB (Keefer Park) Doughboy memorial statue in Veteran’s Memorial Park East 1st South Street (Keefer Park) St Anthony ID 43.964933, -111.681483
Alton IL EMV Doughboy 4445 Alby ST Alton IL 38.926596,-90.177971
Centrailia (NEMV) Fairview Park Centrailia IL 38.53064 -89.15065
Charleston (NEMV) Cole County Courthouse Lawn - Jackson & 6th Charleston IL 39.49466 -88.17538
Chicago IL (Soldier Field) EMV Doughboy EMV Doughboy Inside Soldier Field - Gate O, 1410 Museum Campus DR Chicago IL 41.861187,-87.616517
Chicago - EMV Fighting Yank 2727 W Devon Ave (next to bank building) Chicago IL 41.997724, -87.698294
Chicago (NEMV) Victory Monument - MLK & 35th - Median Chicago IL 41.83075 -87.61715
Chicago - Bohemian National Cemetery several WWI Doughboy statues - Vanek, Vucig family names 5255 N Pulaski Rd Chicago IL 41.977743, -87.727179
Columbia IL EMV Doughboy 375 East Locust ST Columbia IL 38.446836,-90.197078
Danville WWI Victory Monument (NEMV) Multiple figures on monument - Scored as single visit only Victory Monument Plaza - Main & Gilbert Danville IL 40.12421 -87.63588
Elgin (NEMV) Memorial Park - Prairie & Villa Elgin IL 42.03439 -88.27879
Evanston (NEMV) (Church) 939 Hinman Ave - St Lukes Episcopal Church - On top of Archway Evanston IL 42.03523 -87.67767
Herrin IL EMV Doughboy West Adams ST Herrin IL 37.806029,-89.027788
Hines (Stone Relief Carving) In front of Hines V.A. Hospital Hines IL 41.86204 -87.83962
Hines - (NEMV) Doughboy Doughboy Statue in front of Hines V.A. Hospital Hines IL 41.861490, -87.839599
Joliet (NEMV) (Reclining) Front of St John the Baptist Catholic Church - Division & Hickory Joliet IL 41.53106 -88.08901
Pulaski County WWI Memorial WWI Memorial Doughboy Walnut and Main St Mound City IL 37.083751, -89.164918
Naperville IL EMV Sailor Doughboy and Sailor in Burlington Square Park North Center ST Naperville IL 41.779040, -88.145528
Naperville IL EMV Doughboy Doughboy and Sailor in Burlington Square Park North Center ST Naperville IL 41.779040, -88.145528
Oak Park (NEMV) Scoville Park World War 1 Memorial Oak Park IL 41.88957 -87.79531
Raymond Doughboy WWI Doughboy in Veterans Memorial Park 1 block south of North O'Bannon St on Springfield Rd Raymond IL 39.324484, -89.567627
Virden (NEMV) Virden Town Square Virden IL 39.50104 -89.76706
Waukegan (NEMV) Washington Park - Washington & West Waukegan IL 42.35928 -87.83564
West Frankfort (NEMV) in front of Veterans Military Museum - W Main St West Frankfort IL 37.89783 -88.92847
Wheaton - Cantigny Park Cantigny Visitor Center Wheaton IL 41.85450 -88.15629
Wheaton (NEMV) Memorial Park - Hale St Wheaton IL 41.86749 -88.10879
Attica IN EMV Doughboy 305 South Perry ST Attica IN 40.291917,-87.249683
Bedford - Green Hill Cemetery - NEMV Michael F Wallner Doughboy Headstone - 1893-1940 1202 18th Street Bedford IN 38.857211, -86.486978
Bloomington Doughboy (Rose Hill Cemetery) War Mother's Monument - W.H. Mullins Rose Hill Cemetery, W. Kirkwood AVE Bloomington IN 39.165729,-86.547155
Bloomington - Fighting Yank (Stone Carving) Monroe County Courthouse - W 6th and N Walnut St Bloomington IN 39.167350, -86.533825
Evansville IN EMV Doughboy Inside 6001 New Harmony RD Evansville IN 38.015988,-87.647639
Fort Wayne IN EMV Doughboy Glasgow AVE entrance to Memorial Park Fort Wayne IN 41.07699,-85.108981
Fort Wayne IN EMV Sailor Glasgow AVE entrance to Memorial Park Fort Wayne IN 41.07699,-85.108981
Greencastle IN EMV Doughboy Corner of N. Indiana and E. Washington ST Greencastle IN 39.6442,-86.86468
Hartford City IN EMV Doughboy West Main at North Jefferson ST Hartford City IN 40.451988,-85.367619
Hobart IN EMV Doughboy Lincoln ST at East Seventh ST Hobart IN 41.527352,-87.252121
Logansport IN UKN Doughboy 6th and Broadway Logansport IN 40.754392,-86.362768
Michigan City (NEMV) Lakeshore Dr & Park Entrance Rd Michigan City IN 41.72460 -86.90334
Muncie IN EMV Doughboy Elm Ridge Cemetery, 4600 Kilgore AVE Muncie IN 40.181949,-85.440707
New Castle IN EMV Doughboy GONE - Out for repairs until November 2018 North Memorial DR New Castle IN 39.951637,-85.384737
Peru IN EMV Doughboy W. Main ST and N. Broadway Peru IN 40.753963,-86.068975
Rockville (NEMV) Parke County Courthouse Lawn - Market & High St Rockville IN 39.76177 -87.22873
Spencer IN EMV Doughboy Corner of E. Franklin and S. Main ST Spencer IN 39.285861,-86.762215
Winchester IN EMV Doughboy 100 South Main ST Winchester IN 40.172369,-84.982279
Axtell KS EMV Doughboy Corner of Fifth and Maple Axtell KS 39.872651,-96.257728
Leavenworth KS JP Doughboy 350 Walnut ST Leavenworth KS 39.314257,-94.912122
Oakley KS EMV Doughboy 126 E. Second ST Oakley KS 39.12654,-100.852926
Olathe - Paulding Olathe Memorial Cemetery Olathe KS 38.89442 -94.81838
Onaga (NEMV) Leonard and 4th St Onaga KS 39.49078 -96.17008
Parsons KS EMV Stone Doughboy Main and 17th ST Parsons KS 37.340296,-95.260622
Soldiers and Sailors Monument (WW1) Sedgewick County Courthouse lawn Wichita KS 37.69366 -97.33756
Wilson (NEMV) Soldier Sailors and Marines Monument - Ave E & 26th St Wilson KS 38.82534 -98.47360
Grayson KY EMV Doughboy Main ST Grayson KY 38.333067,-82.9515
Harlan KY EMV Doughboy Harlan KY 36.846926,-83.321321
Jamestown KY EMV Doughboy Jamestown KY 36.984411,-85.0628219
Liberty KY EMV Doughboy 231 Courthouse Square Liberty KY 37.317894,-84.9403
Monticello KY EMV Doughboy Main ST and W. Columbia AVE Monticello KY 36.829415,-84.849119
Morehead KY EMV Doughboy Corner of Court ST and East Main ST Morehead KY 38.184167,-83.433567
Paducah - Oak Grove Cemetery Oak Grove Cemetery - 1613 Park Ave Paducah KY 37.08566 -88.62119
Paintsville - The Soldier's Memorial Doughboy Statue on Johnson County courthouse lawn Court and 2nd Street Paintsville KY 37.814805, -82.806999
Pikeville KY EMV Doughboy 146 Main ST Pikeville KY 37.478983,-82.5172
Springfield (NEMV) Doughboy & Navy Main and Lincoln Park Rd Springfield KY 37.68532 -85.22179
West Liberty (NEMV) Main & Court St West Liberty KY 37.92030 -83.26009
Winchester KY EMV Doughboy Corner of Cleaveland and Wall ST Winchester KY 37.993136,-84.177854
New Orleans (NEMV) S Galvez and Tulane New Orleans LA 29.95937 -90.08434
Amesbury Jr High Doughboy The Doughboy by sculptor Leonard Craske on front lawn- Ded 11-11-1929 220 Main St Amesbury MA 42.848515, -70.930356
Auburn Doughboy Doughboy in center of memorial Hwy 12 and Warren Rd Auburn Township MA 42.182728, -71.861100
Barre Doughboy WWI Monument North Park on Barre Common Barre MA 42.423321, -72.105994
Hopkinton NEMV Doughboy E Main St & Ash St Hopkinton MA 42.22982 -71.51796
Lowell Doughboy Statue WWI Memorial dedicated June 3rd, 1923 Fletcher and Willie Str Lowell MA 42.644804, -71.321359
Mansfield NEMV Doughboy (Park) S Main St between West St and Park Row Mansfield MA 42.02419 -71.21641
Marlborough Doughboy WWI Memorial in front of Walker Bldg Main St & Rawlins Marlborough MA 42.346768, -71.552210
Milford Doughboy WWI Memorial Doughboy - Main and Beech St Milford MA 42.143378, -71.513189
Pittsfield (Soldiers and Sailors Monument) WWI Monument (Army, Marine and Navy statues) Single visit Veterans Way and Colt Road Pittsfield MA 42.440350, -73.256117
Quincy NEMV Doughboy relocated Furnace Brook Pkwy and Hancock St Quincy MA 42.258682, -71.008799
Tauton NEMV Doughboy Tauton Green (Facing Cohannet Street) Taunton MA 41.90175 -71.09339
Templeton - Remembrance Monument DB John G. Hardy Doughboy - Dedicated March 1922 Patriots Rd and S Road Templeton MA 42.555677, -72.067321
Winchendon MA EMV Zinc Doughboy West and Park ST Winchendon MA 42.684138,-72.055884
Crisfield MD EMV Doughboy Somerset Cemetery; North Somerset Ave Crisfield MD 37.983343,-75.844772
Elkton NEMV Doughboy Railroad Ave and Bow St (National Guard Lawn) Elkton MD 39.61104 -75.83116
Emmitsburg MD EMV Doughboy West Main ST and Frailey RD Emmitsburg MD 39.705989,-77.332518
Funkston NEMV Doughboy E Baltimore ST and Frederick Rd (Median) Funkstown MD 39.60888 -77.70525
Hurlock - Cemetery Washington Cemetery - Waddels Corner and Old Stage Coach Rd Hurlock MD 38.64553 -75.88284
Lonaconing Doughboy (NEMV) E Main St & Pershing St Lonaconing MD 39.56765 -78.97946
Williamsport Doughboy (Am Legion) Front of American Legion Post 202 Williamsport MD 39.59313 -77.82247
Augusta - Stone Doughboy in Monument Park, Memorial Circle, at State and Grove St Augusta ME 44.31090 -69.77897
Lincoln ME EMV Doughboy Main ST and West Broadway Lincoln ME 45.362229,-68.504756
Berkely MI EMV Doughboy Roseland Cemetery, Twelve Mile RD and Coolidge Highway Berkley MI 42.504956,-83.181681
Allendale Twp Doughboy WWI Statue in memory of Bernie J. Lemmen who served in WWI 11069 68th Ave Allendale Twp MI 42.969733, -85.953533
Bay City NEMV Doughboy Facing E Midland St (between Wenona and Midland St) Bay City MI 43.60186 -83.90419
Beaverton - The Survivor - (Deep Relief Panel at Ross Lake P 358 Ross St Beaverton MI 43.886790, -84.492051
Coleman - WWI Doughboy WWI Doughboy at part of the Coleman Veterans Memorial 499 E Railway St Coleman MI 43.755068, -84.582916
Ironwood (Sinz Doughboy) Sinz reversed Doughboy inside the Ironwood Memorial Bldg lobby 213 S Marquette St Ironwood MI 46.455414, -90.165156
Port Huron - EMV "Spirit of the Fighting Yank" Viquesney's "Fighting Yank" replica - original is on display Port Huron Museum, 1115 6th St 3908 Gratiot Ave Port Huron MI 43.024743, -82.435961
Saline NEMV Doughboy located in the Oakwood Cemetery - (off W Michigan Ave) Saline MI 42.16410 -83.78611
Sandusky All Wars Memorial WWI Doughboy in front of the Sanilac District Court 60 Sanilac Rd Sandusky MI 43.421451, -82.831531
South Haven Doughboy Stanley Johnston Park Dykeman and Park Ave South Haven MI 42.407333, -86.276617
Saint Ignance - Doughboy & Sailor WWI memorial on Mackinac County ground 100 S Marley St St Ignance MI 45.866263, -84.732535
St. Joseph MI EMV Doughboy Lake Boulevard and Market ST St. Joseph MI 42.107738,-86.484962
Wautoma - (Paulding DB) Paulding Doughboy in front of Waushara County Courthouse 209 S Saint Marie St Wautoma MI 44.073699, -89.290463
Henning NEMV Doughboy Douglas Ave and 2nd St Henning MN 46.32178 -95.44541
New Ulm MN EMV Doughboy Cemetery AVE New Ulm MN 44.332684,-94.486944
Afton (NEMV) Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery Afton MO 38.54839 -90.34162
Albany Doughboy Gentry County Courthouse Lawn (SW Corner) Albany MO 40.24730 -94.33333
Bolivar MO EMV Doughboy East Broadway and South Main ST Bolivar MO 37.61388,-93.411409
Butler Doughboy (Kling) NW corner of the court house yard Butler MO 38.25831 -94.33284
Columbia NEMV Doughboy Boone County Courthouse Grounds (facing Walnut St) Columbia MO 38.95285 -92.32864
Concordia NEMV Doughboy Central Park behind City Hall Concordia MO 38.98263 -93.56881
Greencastle (NEMV) Greencastle Cemetery Greencastle MO 40.25879 -92.86613
Harrisonville NEMV Doughboy Cass County Courthouse Lawn (SW Corner) Harrisonville MO 38.65440 -94.34854
Jackson NEMV Doughboy Cape Giradeau County Courthouse Lawn (SE Corner) Jackson MO 37.38275 -89.66741
Lexington MO EMV Doughboy Relocated from the Wentworth Academy - Temporary location 1880 Washington AVE Lexington MO 39.18561, -93.88108
Liberty NEMV Doughboy Clay County Courthouse Lawn (West Side) Liberty MO 39.24648 -94.42020
Marshall NEMV Doughboy Saline County Courthouse Lawn (North Side) Marshall MO 39.12120 -93.19661
Memphis - Soldier in the Field (RELOCATED) relocated to the Downing House Museum spring 2017 311 S Main St Memphis MO 40.456512, -92.171434
Moberly NEMV Doughboy Rothwell Park Trail at Holman Road Moberly MO 39.42076 -92.45750
Richmond NEMV Doughboy Ray County Courthouse Lawn (West Side) Richmond MO 39.27874 -93.97676
Sedalia MO EMV Doughboy 415 South Ohio AVE Sedalia MO 38.707325,-93.228039
Van Buren NEMV Doughboy Carter County Courthouse Lawn (NW Corner) Van Buren MO 36.99530 -91.01450
Verona WW1 Soldier Main and 3rd - City Park Verona MO 36.9597931,-93.7968625
Vienna NEMV Doughboy Maries County Courthouse (East Side) Vienna MO 38.18547 -91.94707
Belzoni NEMV Doughboy Humphreys County Courthouse Lawn (NW Corner) Belzoni MS 33.17597 -90.48859
Jackson War Memorial Bldg Doughboys Relief Sculptures in front of the building War Memorial (S State St & E Amite St) Jackson MS 32.299942, -90.179679
Meridian MS EMV Doughboy 23rd AVE and 6th ST Meridian MS 32.364038,-88.701248
Ripley NEMV Courthouse Doughboys Doughboys above East and West side entrances to Tippah County Courthouse 102 N Main St A Ripley MS 34.730725, -88.948718
MSU NEMV Doughboy east side of Lee Hall at the circle and Lee Boulevard Starkville MS 33.45514 -88.78835
Vicksburg Memorial (NEMV) Doughboy & Sailor Monroe St and South St (South End) Vicksburg MS 32.34811 -90.88008
Columbia Falls MT EMV Doughboy 400 Veteran Drive Columbia Falls MT 48.358431,-114.21079
Fort Benton MT EMV Doughboy 18th and Park ST Fort Benton MT 47.820659,-110.664725
Hamilton NEMV Doughboy Ravalli County Courthouse Lawn - NW Corner Hamilton MT 46.24473 -114.15792
Missoula NEMV Doughboy Broadway and Ryman - Missoula Cty Courthouse Lawn Missoula MT 46.87276 -113.99567
Belmont (EMV Fighting Yank) Stowe Park - 24 South Main Street Belmont NC 35.24201 -81.03837
Charlotte NC EMV Doughboy South Alexander and East Fourth Street Charlotte NC 35.221629,-80.838204
Columbus NEMV Doughboy Polk County Courthouse Driveway Median Columbus NC 35.25156 -82.19895
NEMV Doughboy In front of the courthouse Goldsboro NC 35.38208, -77.99423
Nashville NC EMV Doughboy 234 West Washington St Nashville NC 35.975501, -77.968344
NEMV Doughboy Courthouse lawn, at corner of 2nd and Market Smithfield NC 35.51165 -78.34744
Troy NC MMC Stone Doughboy South Pearl and West Main ST Troy NC 35.358397,-79.892891
Wahpeton NEMV Doughboy Richland County Courthouse Lawn (SE Corner) Wahpeton ND 46.26518 -96.60574
Guide Rock Doughboy (NEMV) University and Douglas (Guide Rock High School Grounds) Guide Rock NE 40.07698 -98.33103
Lincoln DB (Antelope Park) Multi war monumnet - 4 figures around the base Veterans Memorial Drive - Antelope Park Lincoln NE 40.796683, -96.675917
Norfolk NEMV Doughboy 510 Pasewalk Ave (front of the Junior High School) Norfolk NE 42.02636 -97.41454
Schuyler NEMV Doughboy 411 East 11th St - Courthouse Lawn Schuyler NE 41.447227, -97.055341
Valentine Doughboy 365 N Main St Valentine NE 42.87555 -100.55092
Wahoo Memorial Doughboy & Sailor Doughboy statue as part of the Saunders County Veterans Memorial W 5th and N Chestnut St Wahoo NE 41.209804, -96.622951
Jaffrey (Buddies Memorial) Deep relief sculpture by Viggo Brandt-Erichsen 22 Main Street Jaffrey NH 42.815306, -72.024010
Manchester - Victory Park Doughboy DB is one of 3 figures standing near base of obelisk - facing Chestnut St Chestnut St & Concord Manchester NH 42.992266, -71.460274
Rindge (Cathedral of the Pines Museum) Doughboy statue inside the CP Museum 10 Hale Hill Road Rindge NH 42.774716, -71.988515
Belmar NJ EMV Doughboy 8th AVE and W. Railroad AVE Belmar NJ 40.18225,-74.027079
Burlington NEMV Doughboy across the street from the Police Dept Burlington NJ 40.07394 -74.85674
Dover NJ EMV Doughboy Princeton AVE and Route 46 Dover NJ 40.885859,-74.570388
Eatontown DB Main and West Street Eatontown NJ 40.30563, -74.06114
Fair Haven NJ EMV Doughboy Fair Haven RD and River RD Fair Haven NJ 40.364482,-74.035881
Frenchtown NJ EMV Doughboy 902 Harrison ST Frenchtown NJ 40.53394,-75.062599
Haddon Township NEMV Doughboy front of the Westmont FD on Haddon Ave Haddon Township NJ 39.91100 -75.05114
Highland Park NEMV Doughboy Median at Raritan Ave and Woodbridge Ave Highland Park NJ 40.50087 -74.42300
Highlands NEMV Doughboy Highland Ave and Portland Rd Median Highlands NJ 40.39681 -73.98253
Elysian Park NEMV Doughboy Elysian Park off Hudson St and Frank Sinatra Dr Hoboken NJ 40.74838 -74.02537
Jersey City Doughboy (Gordon Park) Leonard Gordon Park facing JFK Blvd Jersey City NJ 40.74631 -74.05748
Matawan NJ EMV Doughboy Broad ST and Main ST Matawan NJ 40.418859,-74.22718
Neptue NEMV Doughboy Broadway Gates Park (Broadway and Main) Neptune - Ocean Grove NJ 40.21114 -74.01487
Palisades Park NEMV Doughboy in front of the Municipal Complex at Broad Ave & Cleveland Pl Palisades Park NJ 40.84782 -73.99816
Patterson NEMV Doughboy Median at Market, 19th Ave, E 24th St Paterson NJ 40.90969 -74.15237
Perth Amboy NJ EMV Doughboy Fayette ST and New Brunswick AVE Perth Amboy NJ 40.510998,-74.269141
Riverdale NEMV Doughboy - REMOVED NO LONGER THERE - Falling apart, removed May 2016 front of Riverdale Public Elementary School Riverdale NJ 40.99279 -74.30347
Robbinsville NEMV Doughboy Main and NJ 33 Robbinsville NJ 40.21736 -74.62528
Roselle Park NJ EMV Doughboy Chestnut ST and Clay AVE Roselle Park NJ 40.665485,-74.265003
Secaucus NJ EMV Doughboy John ST and Patterson Plank RD Secaucus NJ 40.788142,-74.055182
South River NEMV Doughboy Just south of Thomas St on Main South River NJ 40.45068 -74.38157
Toms River - Protectors of Freedom - Bay Lea Park The monument, reflecting every conflict from 1917 to today, is depicted through six, eight-foot bronze sculptures, the figures representing WWI, WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam and the Middle East 570 Bay Ave (Bay Lea Park) Toms River NJ 39.982764, -74.185823
Union Beach Doughboy Front Street at Florence Avenue Union Beach NJ 40.45194, -74.17134
Woodbury - The Victor by Robert Tait McKenzie WWI Doughboy in front of the High School N. Broad Street & Newton Avenue Woodbury NJ 39.838895, -75.152868
Roswell NEMV Doughboy on the campus of the NM Military Institute - Escort likely needed Roswell NM 33.41083 -104.52532
Nevada Veterans Memorial Doughboy WWI Memorial Doughboy at the NV Vets Memorial 555 E Washington Ave Las Vegas NV 36.181888, -115.132580
Albany - Henry Johnson Memorial - DB Medal of Honor Henry Johnson memorial bust in Washington Park Washington Park Rd north of Madison Ave Albany NY 42.653415, -73.768874
Bolton Landing 5 Horicon Ave Bolton Landing NY 43.558142,-73.6556032
Buffalo - Paulding Doughboy SW corner of the NYS Armory in Buffalo Connecticut & Niagara St Buffalo NY 42.903101, -78.893536
Castile NY EMV Doughboy Main and Washington ST Castile NY 42.633774,-78.048572
Endicott NEMV Doughboy Endicott War Memorial - NY-26 and Park St Endicott NY 42.09818 -76.04973
Frankfort NEMV Doughboy S Litchfield St. - NY 171 between E Canal St & Pleasant Ave Frankfort NY 43.03858 -75.07244
Fultonville WWI Monument - known as Starin Memorial of War - Sculpture Sally James Farnham SE corner - Church St and S Main Fultonville NY 42.945873, -74.371612
Glen Cove NEMV Doughboy in front of the Public Library Glen Cove NY 40.86292 -73.63346
Cloversville - Thinking Doughboy Main Street - Prospect Ave Gloversville NY 43.05276 -74.34362
Harrison EMV (GONE - out for repairs) Harrison AVE and Heineman PL Harrison NY 40.970078,-73.712829
Manhattan - Central Park's 107th Infantry Memorial 7th Regiment New York 107th United States Infantry World War I Memorial East 67th Street & Fifth Avenue Manhattan NY 40.76927 -73.96937
Rockaway Beach (Pollia) Joseph P. Pollia sculpture Rockaway Beach Blvd between Cross Bay Pkwy & Beach 94th St Rockaway Beach NY 40.585707, -73.816851
Schaghticoke Doughboy Schaghticoke War Memorial Doughboy School and Main Street Schaghticoke NY 42.896759, -73.586718
Vestal NY GFY Doughboy 3997 Vestal RD Vestal NY 42.099423,-75.980901
West Babylon - Sprung Monuments Doughboy 1214 Wellwood Ave West Babylon NY 40.728367, -73.396725
Akron OH EMV CZ Doughboy 209 S. High Street Akron OH 41.079859,-81.51732
Alliance NEMV Doughboy Freedom Square off Main Street Alliance OH 40.92153 -81.09867
Bellaire (Paulding - Over the Top) Paulding Doughboy in center of Union Park 34th & Guernsey St (Union Park) Bellaire OH 40.016813, -80.742589
Blue Ash Doughboy (GFY)(Cemetery) Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery - Veterans Section Blue Ash - Evandale OH 39.25082 -84.39999
Bridgeport Doughboy Welcome to Bridgeport - War Memorial Main and S Lincoln Ave Bridgeport OH 40.072445, -80.741024
Chillicothe (Paulding DB) Over the Top - Paulding DB (Youctangee Park) 16 E Water St Chillicothe OH 39.336145, -82.982418
Cincinnati - Valley Park Valley Park - Colerain between Monmouth Ave and Bates Alley Cincinnati OH 39.142343, -84.538490
Columbus Statehouse Doughboy West entrance to the Ohio Statehouse Columbus OH 39.96139 -82.99964
Columbus NEMV Doughboy 800 E 17th Ave (Ohio History Connection) Columbus OH 40.00482 -82.98658
Crooksville OH EMV Doughboy 98 South Buckeye ST Crooksville OH 39.76862,-82.099745
Dayton Doughboy 125 East 1st Street Dayton OH 39.763007, -84.189486
Gallipolis OH EMV Doughboy City Park Downtown Gallipolis OH 38.80685,-82.205104
Doylestown NEMV Doughboy intersection of Clinton Rd and Portage St Doylestown OH 40.96892 -81.69744
Fostoria OH EMV Doughboy Van Buren ST Fostoria OH 41.163404,-83.429138
Gallipolis Doughboy Gallipolis City Park facing 1st Ave Gallipolis OH 38.80684 -82.20518
Hartford NEMV Doughboy Park - OH-305 Hartford OH 41.31171 -80.56885
Lakemore NEMV Doughboy Median at Short St and Lake Rd Lakemore OH 41.02163 -81.43125
Mansfield NEMV Doughboy (Central Park) Central Park between facing Park Ave E Mansfield OH 40.75864 -82.51500
Marion OH EMV CZ Doughboy Veterans Park, McKinley Park BLVD and Delaware AVE Marion OH 40.573607,-83.124898
Martins Ferry Doughboy Fodor Memorial Park - S Zane Hwy Martins Ferry OH 40.095105, -80.727846
Matamoras NEMV Doughboy Broadway and 3rd Matamoras OH 39.52238 -81.06439
McConnelsville (WWI Memorial) Doughboy as part of Veterans memorial East Main and N 10th St McConnelsville OH 39.648519, -81.848021
New Philidelphia OH EMV Doughboy 101 East High AVE New Philidelphia OH 40.489844,-81.445108
Newark OH EMV Doughboy 469 Forry ST Newark OH 40.045603,-82.419572
Reading Doughboy W Vine St and Jefferson Ave - Reading OH 39.225979,-84.444267
Saint Bernard Doughboy Washington and Vine St Bernard OH 39.16788 -84.49735
Stow Doughboy 3760 Darrow Rd - Graham and Darrow Rd Stow OH 41.167013, -81.440799
Swanton OH EMV Doughboy Bassett AVE and South Main Swanton OH 41.585059,-83.88953
Warren OH EMV Doughboy Mahoning AVE NW and High ST NE Warren OH 41.237134,-80.820459
Woodville OH EMV Doughboy First and Walnut ST Woodville OH 41.451685,-83.362623
Zanesville OH EMV CZ Doughboy Fourth and Main ST Zanesville OH 39.940288,-82.007567
Carney NEMV Doughboy Main St and Flynn St Carney OK 35.80829 -97.01169
Cherokee OK EMV Doughboy 300 South Grand AVE Cherokee OK 36.755488,-98.35675
NEMV Doughboy Vetereran's Memorial - Woodson and Rock Island Ave El Reno OK 35.53333 -97.95298
Enid NEMV Doughboy Enid Public Library - Maine and Grand Enid OK 36.39608 -97.87854
Granite OK EMV Sailor 500 North Main ST Granite OK 34.962879,-99.381186
Granite OK EMV Doughboy 500 North Main St Granite OK 34.962879,-99.381186
Henryetta OK EMV Doughboy Corner of N. 6th and W. Main ST Henryetta OK 35.439959,-95.98817
Hobart OK EMV Navy 316 South Main ST Hobart OK 35.025138,-99.092784
Hobart OK EMV Doughboy 316 South Main St Hobart OK 35.025138,-99.092784
Muskogee OK EMV Doughboy 1011 Honor Heights DR Muskogee OK 35.764465,-95.414071
OKC Doughboy Panel OKC Veterans Memorial - N Side of Ok Supreme Ct Oklahoma City OK 35.49070 -97.50194
Pawhuska - Pierce St John Cemetery Pierce St John Cemetery south of Pawhuska Pawhuska OK 36.597850, -96.299933
Pawnee NEMV Doughboy Pawnee County Courthouse Lawn - West Side Pawnee OK 36.33852 -96.80339
NEMV Doughboys (Cemetery) WWI Monument in Memorial Park Cemetery Memorial Park Cemetery Tulsa OK 36.08923 -95.88093
Tyrone NEMV Doughboy Main and Florence ST Tyrone OK 36.95462 -101.06944
Astoria NEMV Doughboy Marine Dr and Columbia Ave - Median Astoria OR 46.18966 -123.84794
McMinnville NEMV Doughboy NE 6th & NE Evans - Courthouse Lawn - NW Corner McMinnville OR 45.21193 -123.19422
Salem Paulding Doughboy on the grounds of the Veterans Affairs - West side Salem OR 44.94444 -123.02630
Aliquippa Doughboy WWI Doughboy in Louis 'Lefty' Cepull Memorial Park McMinn St and Reed St just off Main Aliquippa PA 40.607631, -80.266520
Bellevue NEMV Doughboy N Balph Ave and Teece Ave Bellevue PA 40.49705 -80.05428
Berwick NEMV Doughboy Doughboy in front of the Jackson Mansion 344 N Market St Berwick PA 41.05725 -76.23554
Butler NEMV Doughboy Doughboy Park - New Castle St and Cunningham Butler PA 40.86234 -79.90547
Carlise - WWI Doughboys - Inside Several WWI Doughboys inside the Army Heritage & Education Center 950 Soldiers Dr Carlisle* PA 40.206857, -77.159680
Chambersburg PA EMV Doughboy East Queen and Lincoln Way Chambersburg PA 39.934589,-77.651427
Codurus - Jefferson NEMV Doughboy Post Office is known as Codurs for Jefferson Borough Traffic Circle - Berlin, Hanover, York, Baltimore St come together Codurus-Jefferson PA 39.81714 -76.84146
Coraopolis NEMV Doughboy Mulberry St and PA-51 - VFW Post 402 Coraopolis PA 40.51699 -80.16275
Curwensville (Veterans Memorial Park) Sinz reversed Doughboy in memorial park State and Locust St Curwensville PA 40.975016, -78.523938
Edgewood NEMV Doughboy Memorial Park in front of Volunteer FD Edgewood PA 40.43384 -79.88428
Fallsington NEMV Doughboy New Falls and W Tyburn Rd Fallsington PA 40.18537 -74.81878
Forest City PA EMV Doughboy 331 Main ST Forest City PA 41.647159,-75.466976
Franklin Doughboy Venango County Courthouse lawn - 12th & Liberty Franklin PA 41.39757 -79.82747
Harrisburg (NEMV) 1202 N Front St Harrisburg PA 40.267067, -76.892196
Indiana PA EMV Doughboy 200 South 6th ST Indiana PA 40.619314,-79.151414
Lancaster PA EMV Doughboy North side of Hand Middle School 431 South Ann ST Lancaster PA 40.033284, -76.293408
McKees Rock/Stowe Township Valley and Russellwood McKees Rock - Stowe Township PA 40.471701 -80.073920
Meyersdale PA EMV Doughboy Center ST and Meyers AVE Meyersdale PA 39.813273,-79.025623
Milesburg-Boggs Twp Doughboy WWI Doughboy in street intersection Mill St and Water St Milesburg-Boggs Twp PA 40.942587, -77.786113
Millvale NEMV Doughboy Klopfer St and North Ave Median Millvale PA 40.48539 -79.97291
Mt Pleasant NEMV Doughboy Intersection of W Main & S Diamond St Mt Pleasant PA 40.14880 -79.54203
Oil City EMV Yank 2 Relief ST Oil City PA 41.431848,-79.710808
Oil City PA EMV Doughboy 2 Relief ST Oil City PA 41.431848,-79.710808
Philadelphia NEMV Doughboy Madison War Mem Park - N 2nd & Spring Garden St Philadelphia PA 39.96082 -75.14126
Pittsburgh NEMV Doughboy Butler and Penn Median Pittsburgh PA 40.46296 -79.96693
Plymouth DB (NEMV) WWI memorial adjacent to High School Football Field 222 W Main St Plymouth PA 41.239634, -75.949045
Rimersburg Doughboy WWI Doughboy in the Rimersburg Veterans Memorial Main St & Carr St Rimersburg PA 41.044333, -79.501323
Sayer (Howard Elmer Park) WWI Doughboy in Howard Elmer Park S Elmer between Park Place and W Packer Ave Sayer PA 41.980511, -76.517372
Scottdale PA EMV Doughboy 713 N. Chestnut ST Scottdale PA 40.108227,-79.585829
Scranton PA EMV CZ Doughboy - (GONE FOR RESTORATION) Zinc Doughboy - gone for restoration - Not Avail remaining 2018 Tour Steamtown National Historic Site Scranton PA 41.407583, -75.671806
Stroudsburg NEMV Doughboy N 7th St & Monroe St Memorial Park Stroudsburg PA 40.98640 -75.19459
Tatamy PA EMV Doughboy 423 Broad ST Tatamy PA 40.740532,-75.253178
Tyrone (Soldiers Park) Charging Doughboy in Soldiers Park 14th St and Lincoln Ave Tyrone PA 40.676556, -78.239488
Uniontown NEMV Doughboy George C Marshall Mem Park - Main & W Fayette Uniontown PA 39.90067 -79.73106
Verona Bronze Doughboy Verona War Memorial Doughboy Allegheny River Blvd and Seldon Ave Verona PA 40.508601, -79.842465
Oakland DB - Cemetery Oakland Cemetery Warren PA 41.83353 -79.13906
Warren NEMV Doughboy (Inside) just inside Fifth Ave entrance to Warren County Courthouse Warren PA 41.84908 -79.14715
Egypt PA EMV Doughboy Park ST and South Church ST Whitehall-Egypt PA 40.679227,-75.529442
Wormleysburg - Harrisburg Doughboy as part of memorial in front of AL Department of PA building 800 N Front St Wormelysburg-Harrisburg PA 40.265171, -76.909528
Providence NEMV Doughboy Woonasquatucket Ave & Smith St Providence RI 41.85674 -71.48277
Tiverton NEMV Doughboy WWI Doughboy next to Stone Bridge at Grinnnell's Beach Main Rd & Stone Bridge Tiverton RI 41.625823, -71.213623
Anderson SC EMV Doughboy 2011 Copy 1301 Greenville ST Anderson SC 34.525122,-82.642014
Columbia EMV (Memorial Park) Wayne and Washington ST Columbia SC 34.001789,-81.042695
Olympia EMV (Wayne-Whaley) Wayne and Whaley ST Columbia SC 33.98512,-81.035618
Ft Mill (NEMV) Veterans Park - N White and Main Ft Mill SC 35.0078425,-80.9455655
Greenville EMV (Museum) Inside Upcountry History Museum, 540 Buncomb ST Greenville SC 34.857223,-82.402885
Greenville EMV DB (Duncan Chapel Rd) 18844 Duncan Chapel RD - Furman University Campus Greenville SC 34.920527,-82.438856
Newberry Memorial Park on Main St - Next to Chamber of Commerce Newberry SC 34.274177, -81.620812
Bullhead SD EMV CZ Doughboy Bullhead RD and Second ST Bullhead SD 45.768108,-101.081823
Clark NEMV Doughboy Commercial St & 1st Ave East Clark SD 44.87752 -97.73283
Pierre NEMV Doughboy WWI Doughboy in front of Soldiers & Sailors World War Memorial Bldg 425 E Capitol Ave Pierre SD 44.366359, -100.347196
Winner (NEMV) Doughboy 200 East 3rd St - Courthouse Lawn Winner SD 43.375742, -99.854616
Clarksville TN MMC Doughboy 250 Arrowood Dr - In front of Tennessee State Veterans Home Clarksville TN 36.579986,-87.418442
Jackson (Hollywood Cementery) Jesse C Lemmons Doughboy memorial in Hollywood Cemetery - Section K1, Lot 34 406 Hollywood Dr Jackson TN 35.623988, -88.833817
Johnson City TN EMV CZ Doughboy 510 Bert ST Johnson City TN 36.320729,-82.341475
Knoxville NEMV Doughboy E 5th Ave - between N Central and Lamar St Knoxville TN 35.97407 -83.92101
Charging Doughboy Veterans Plaza - Overton Park Formal Gardens Memphis TN 35.14734 -89.99388
Nashville - Sgt York Charlotte Ave & 6th Ave N - State Capitol Grounds SE Corner Nashville TN 36.16569 -86.78298
Nashville - Centennial Park 25th Ave and West End Nashville TN 36.14705 -86.80888
Amarillo NEMV Doughboy Ellwood Park - Washington & 11th Amarillo TX 35.20342 -101.84810
Austin (American Legion) 1624 East Anderson - in front of the American Legion Austin TX 30.33183 -97.68329
Austin - UT Football Stadium D.K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium - 23rd & San Jancinto Austin TX 30.28501 -97.73354
Austin - Littlefiled Fountain - Army & Sailor 21st and University - Littlefield Fountain Austin TX 30.28397 -97.73960
Bertram NEMV Doughboy N Grange & Hwy 29 Bertram TX 30.74402 -98.05502
Canyon TX EMV Doughboy 4th AVE and 15th ST Canyon TX 34.97959,-101.928469
College Station - JV "Pinky" Wilson Statue 1400 Throckmorton St - In front of Sander Corps of Cadets Center College Station TX 30.611974, -96.337701
Crowell TX EMV Navy Main ST and Commerce ST Crowell TX 33.98392,-99.724782
Crowell TX EMV Doughboy Main St & Commerce St Crowell TX 33.98392,-99.724782
NEMV Doughboy American Legion - 225 E Us Hwy 90 Flatonia TX 29.687341,-97.0937232
Fort Worth TX EMV Doughboy 2301 North Sylvania AVE Fort Worth TX 32.792196,-97.314102
Groesbeck TX EMV Doughboy South Ellis ST and State ST Groesbeck TX 31.522758,-96.535209
Jacksonville NEMV Doughboy Main & Larissa Jacksonville TX 31.96201 -95.27232
Llano NEMV Doughboy SE Corner Llano County Courthouse (Sandstone & Ford) Llano TX 30.74941 -98.67610
Lufkin TX EMV Doughboy Lufkin and North 2nd ST Lufkin TX 31.338937,-94.727359
Memphis (Doughboy at Attention) Hall County Courthouse Doughboys Main & 6th Street - Courthouse lawn (NW Corner) Memphis TX 34.724907, -100.536738
New Braunfels TX EMV Doughboy Seguin AVE and San Antonio ST New Braunfels TX 29.703127,-98.124535
Pflugerville - Park Memorial Pflugerville Park - Fallen Warrior Memoral Pflugerville TX 30.44568 -97.62092
San Antonio - Deep Relief DB Tobin Performing Arts Bldg - Deep Relief Sculpture 100 Auditorium Cir San Antonio TX 29.430283, -98.488426
Sinton TX EMV CZ Doughboy West Sinton and North Odem ST Sinton TX 28.036893,-97.515118
Texarkana TX MMC Doughboy 100 South Leila ST Texarkana TX 33.411981,-94.054486
Vernon TX EMV Doughboy Wilbarger and Main ST Vernon TX 34.152973,-99.284196
Wichita Falls TX EMV Doughboy 1300 7th ST Wichita Falls TX 33.909657,-98.499164
Beaver UT EMV Doughboy Main and Center ST Beaver UT 38.274009,-112.64143
Mount Pleasant UT EMV Doughboy 10 North State ST Mount Pleasant UT 39.546909,-111.455114
Price UT EMV Doughboy 155 East Main ST Price UT 39.599741,-110.808314
Randolph Doughboy (NEMV) WWI Doughboy in front of County Offices 20 S Main St Randolph UT 41.665187, -111.184718
Vernal Ut EMV Doughboy 100 East Main ST Vernal UT 40.455911,-109.525978
Churchville - Green Hill Cemetery Russell Snyder Doughboy in the Green Hill Cemetery Va Road 836 - east of Churchille Churchville VA 38.213161, -79.165080
Doughboy (Iron Mike) National Museum of the Marine Corps Dumfries (Triangle) VA 38.54424 -77.34202
Lynchburg NEMV Doughboy Monument Terrace - Church and 9th St Lynchburg VA 37.41427 -79.14334
Petersburg VA EMV Doughboy South Sycamore and North BLVD Petersburg VA 37.21221,-77.397524
Richmond Doughboy Doughboy inside Virginia Museum of History and Culture 428 N Boulevard Richmond* VA 37.558235, -77.474178
Suffolk Doughboy - Cedar Hill Cemetery sculpted by Joseph P. Pollia - commissioned in memory of WWI veterans by the American Legion N Main St & W Constance Rd Suffolk VA 36.734735, -76.581287
Enosburg Falls VT EMV Doughboy Main ST Between School ST and Missisquoi ST Enosburg Falls VT 44.906773,-72.804983
St. Albans VT EMV Doughboy Church ST and Bishop ST St. Albans VT 44.810698,-73.082482
Swanton Doughboy WWI Memorial Doughboy in Swanton City Memorial Park York St and Grand Ave Swanton VT 44.917150, -73.122283
Aberdeen WA EMV Doughboy - OUT FOR REPAIR DUE TO VANDALISM vandalized Sept/Oct 2018 - unknown when it may return. South F ST and Olympic HWY Aberdeen WA 46.976616,-123.812706
Centralia WA AVL Sentinel George Washington Park, S. Pearl ST Centralia WA 46.716108,-122.956192
Ft Lewis - 91st Division Monument Monument honoring the "Wild West Division" during WWI 9th Divsion Road & Bitar Ave Ft Lewis* WA 47.090679, -122.614230
Olympia NEMV Doughboy State Capitol Complex - Winged Victory Olympia WA 47.03650 -122.90333
Seattle (NEMV) Bringing Home Victory - Alonzo Lewis - Sculptor Evergreen Washelli Cemetery Seattle WA 47.709617, -122.342979
Appleton WI EMV CZ Doughboy South Memorial DR and Cherry CT Appleton WI 44.244609,-88.4156
Arcadia - NEMV Doughboy Doughboy - Soldiers Walk Veterans Memorial 551 Memorial Park Dr Arcadia WI 44.243968, -91.497901
Fort Atkinson WI EMV Doughboy Old Madison RD and Madison AVE Fort Atkinson WI 42.936178,-88.853015
Janesville WI EMV Doughboy N. Franklin and W. Milwaukee ST Janesville WI 42.682015,-89.025795
King NEMV Doughboy Marden and Mitchell King WI 44.33737 -89.14339
La Crosse Doughboy WWI Doughboy in Veterans Freedom Park Boathouse Dr and Clinton St La Crosse WI 43.841127, -91.256253
Ladysmithe NEMV Doughboy Memorial Park - 2nd and River Ave E Ladysmith WI 45.468909, -91.100092
Markesan WI EMV Doughboy 1130 North Margaret ST Markesan WI 43.716809,-88.990151
Mellen Doughboy WWI Doughboy in Memorial Park S Main St & Fayette Ave Mellen WI 46.322601, -90.660365
Neillsville NEMV Doughboy The High Ground Memorial - Hiway 10 Neillsville WI 44.56507 -90.66614
Peshtigo WI EMV CZ Doughboy SW Corner of Riverside Cemetery, 493 County RD RW and Ogden AVE Peshtigo WI 45.062999,-87.745294
Racine NEMV Doughboy Graceland Cemetery Racine WI 42.726572, -87.825001
Rice Lake Doughboy WWI Doughboy in Veterans Memorial Park E Douglas St & Lakeshore Dr Rice Lake WI 45.507267, -91.731463
Waupaca Doughboy - NEMV Doughboy in park setting of the Wisconsin Veterans Home County Hwy QQ and Marden Ave Waupaca WI 44.337255, -89.143870
Wautoma - (Paulding DB) Paulding Doughboy in front of Waushara County Courthouse 209 S Saint Marie St Wautoma WI 44.073699, -89.290463
West Bend WI EMV Doughboy 320 South 5th AVE West Bend WI 43.420601,-88.182675
Berkely Springs - Cemetery Mt Zion Cemetery Berkely Springs WV 39.63442 -78.14799
Charleston NEMV Doughboy Veterans Memorial State Capitol Complex Charleston WV 38.33858 -81.61295
Logan WV EMV Doughboy 16 Wildcat Way Logan WV 37.850512,-81.995484
Madison WV EMV Stone Doughboy 206 Court ST Madison WV 38.066719,-81.819252
Martinsburg (Sinz) Sinz reversed Doughboy next to The Arts Center 300 W King St Martinsburg WV 39.456925, -77.967004
Nitro (NEMV) Doughboys Welcome to Nitro Doughboys - One on each side of road entering town - Single visit Central Street Nitro WV 38.39499 -81.82960
Nitro - Living Memorial Park Living Memorial Park Doughboy (NEMV) 052418 21st Street & Second Ave Nitro WV 38.421890, -81.840665
Petersburg (County Jail) Grant County War Memorial (Doughboy) 115 Virginia Ave Petersburg WV 38.993012, -79.120847
Philippi WV EMV Doughboy North Main and Church ST Philippi WV 39.152461,-80.039694
Romeny NEMV Doughboy Hampshire County Courthouse - Main & High Romney WV 39.34200 -78.75616
Wayne (NEMV) Wayne County Courthouse - Norfolk and Court Wayne WV 38.22105 -82.44226
Wheeling - The Aviator Linsly School Campus Wheeling WV 40.07430 -80.69512
Wheeling WV EMV Doughboy West Wheeling Park DR Wheeling WV 40.058008,-80.671851
Winfield NEMV Putnam County Courthouse Lawn - Hwy 817 Winfield WV 38.53378 -81.89200
Evanston County Courthouse Lawn - Main & 9th Evanston WY 41.26669 -110.96492
Rock Springs WY EMV Doughboy Bunning Park, Noble DR and Evans ST Rock Springs WY 41.589439,-109.221936

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