Veterans memorials

2014 participating states. If a map doesn't load, click HERE.


North and South Carolina (4 per state)
North and South Dakota (4 per state)
Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington DC (4 per state)
Conn., Maine, Mass., New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont (4 per state)

SEARCHING FOR THE LOST GENERATION visits as many of the American Doughboy statues as possible by October 31. Details are here.

The SEA-TO-SHINING SEA TOUR is a themed ride visiting all 12 "Madonna of the Trail" monuments from Maryland to California. Locations are here.

The FOUR CORNERS RIDE is a visit to any ToH memorial in each of the following states: Washington, California, Florida, Maine. To get credit for this ride, submit all photos in one email.

The last two rides are timed endurance runs and not recommended for novices. They are Iron Butt Association-certified and must meet the strict guidelines of the Iron Butt Association.

The TOUR OF HONOR SADDLESORE is a 1000-mile ride in 24 hours, visiting and documenting at least four ToH memorial sites, in any state, during the ride.

The TOUR OF HONOR SADDLESORE-EXTREME is a 1000-mile ride in 24 hours all within one state or region, visiting and documenting all seven of the state's selected memorial sites.

Here is a GPX file of all ToH-2014 sites, provided by Mark Scott #22.
1) Right click on the link above
2) Select "Download Linked File As..."
3) Import the downloaded file into BaseCamp or other mapping software



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