Veterans memorials

Beginning April 1, there will be four different ways to submit visits for scoring:

• Through the web-based portal (must have internet access)
• The Apple iOS or Andoid app (cellular access)
• Email (refer to the Rules page)
• Snail mail (refer to the Rules page)

Both the app and portal contain all auxiliary ride sites, as well as descriptions and sample photos of state memorial sites. The portal will also be the place to change any personal information and check your ride statistics.

In order to use either the app or the portal, you must first be set up in the portal prior to use. We think that once tried, you'll find the app and/or portal much easier than emails. Sign into the portal via your personalized link that was in your welcome email. If you cannot locate your welcome email, please let Dave Brooks know.

Developer Tommy Craft created a Tour of Honor YouTube channel that has helpful videos for using the app and portal. We encourage you to subscribe to the channel because more videos will be posted throughout the year.

If you have older operating systems on your phone, they MAY NOT WORK. Only Android 11 and later, and Apple iOS 14 and later, will be supported by Tour of Honor.

And if you have any difficulty with either the portal or app, you can ask in the Tour of Honor Facebook group, or email

Only rides submitted via portal or app will be eligible for trophies or IBA certification, so get familiar with one or the other to get credit. There will be a place to enter whether your ride is for a trophy or IBA certificate.

For 2022, riders planning an IBA ride that may include a previously visited memorial should contact the scoring team for additional instructions.


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