Veterans memorials

War Dogs &s K9 Heroes List

This is a list of all war dogs &s K9 heroes currently in the Tour of Honor database:

Name Description Address City State GPS Coordinates
Guam Marine War Dogs College of Veterinary Medicine 1130 Wire Rd. Auburn AL 32.590421,-85.510645
Helena - Honor of Service K9's K9 Memorial in Cahaba Lily Park 3200 Co Rd 52 Helena AL 33.290370, -86.869864
In Honor of our K9 Heroes K9 Memorial at the Chambers County Ag Arena - gravel drive AL-77 and 6th Ave NW La Fayette AL 32.914197, -85.401681
War Dog Memorial Battleship Memorial Park, admission fee 2703 Battleship Parkway  Mobile AL 30.683276,-88.017565
K9 Memorial Memorial located in front of Air Force Enlisted Heritage Hall Ave D and 84th St Montgomery - Maxwell AFB* AL 32.404162, -86.249191
K9 Cosmo van Blitsaerd Gilbert PD K9 memorial in Cosmo Dog Park named after the K9 - Limited Hours (daily from 5:30am to 10pm) 2502 E Ray Rd Gilbert* AZ 33.322414, -111.735125
K9 "Ronin" Memorial Bench Memorial Bench in park at The Highlands in Arrowhead Ranch N 66th and W Behrend Dr Glendale AZ 33.664405, -112.200795
K-9 Memorial Plaque - Kingman inside Mohave County Sheriff Department 600 W Beale St Kingman* AZ 35.189856,-114.064862
Police K-9 Memorial Wesley Bolin Plaza 1700 W Washington St. Phoenix AZ 33.447914,-112.094312
Honoring Our Military K9's K9 statue by Lena Toritch in the Jack Jamesen Memorial Sculpture Park 25 Northview Rd Sedona AZ 34.863200, -111.790867
Sedona Police Memorial Handler and K9 Statue in front of the Sedona PD - interior courtyard 100 Roadrunner Dr Sedona AZ 34.863071, -111.813819
Tempe - Officer Murph - Police Dog Memorial Officer Murph Police Dog Memorial located in Hollis Park 3421 S Kenneth Pl Tempe AZ 33.390841,-111.917905
Tempe Public Safety Memorial Memorial located near the entrance arch "Tempe Beach Park" - short walk required Mill Avenue and East Rio Salado Parkway Tempe AZ 33.430167, -111.940721
K9 Ivan's Spot Dog Park Purple Heart Park where K9 Ivan used to go before he was killed in the line of duty 9820 E Rees Loop Tucson AZ 32.102776, -110.783165
Tucson K9 Memorial K9 Memorial by Tucson Police Dept 270 S Stone Ave Tucson AZ 32.217539,-110.971001
K9 Monument 'Valor' La Palma Dog Park 229 W La Palma Ave. Anaheim CA 33.847960,-117.920086
K9 Monument 'Vigilance' Olive Hills Dog Park 700 E Nohl Canyon Rd. Anaheim CA 33.836576,-117.825650
Police Service Dog Memorial Anaheim PD, East Station E. Santa Ana Canyon Rd. Anaheim CA 33.868780,-117.746791
Antioch War Dog Memorial War Dog memorial in small roundabout at the Barbara Price Marina Park entrance 100 L St Antioch CA 38.018391,-121.819735
Bakersfield - K9 Pascha memorial Memorial for K9 adjacent to the Sheriffs Memorial 1350 Norris Rd Bakersfield CA 35.420115,-119.047288
Sheriff K9 Memorial Sheriff's Dept. 250 Hackett Dr. Ceres - Modesto CA 37.586254,-120.989481
'Trust in Me, My Friend' Miss Winkles Pet Adoption Center 85 Temperance Ave. Clovis CA 36.829780,-119.662806
Police K-9 Unit Memorial Police Dept. 1350 Galindo St. Concord CA 37.970893,-122.031923
'Faithful Partner' Memorial School of Veterinary Medicine 944 Garrod Dr. Davis CA 38.533265,-121.764093
Military Working Dogs 'Chyba' Memorial Rancho Coastal Humane Society 389 Requeza St. Encinitas* CA 33.041399,-117.284151
K9 Handler Tonn Memorial Galt PD 380 Civic Dr. Galt CA 38.252884,-121.295956
Kings County Sheriff's Department K-9 Memorial K9 Memorial is between two buildings and is not visible from the street - walking required 1444 W Lacey Blvd Hanford* CA 36.328583,-119.667725
Imperial Beach Military Service Dog Memorial Statue of "Chopper" - German Shepherd, who is credited with saving American forces from improvised explosive devices and Taliban ambushes in Iraq and Afghanistan - Park hours 7am - 10pm 1050 8th Street Imperial Beach* CA 32.577709, -117.116138
K9 "Koda" Dog Park park is named after the Oakley Police Dept. K9 “Koda.” 100 Oxford Dr Oakley CA 37.981852, -121.725130
K9 'Ex' Memorial John Galvin Park Nr. E I St. and N Virginia Ave. Ontario CA 34.07457,-117.6312
Palm Springs - Police K9 Ike - End of Watch June 2019 - Lobby undergoing renovation - NOT AVAIL AT THIS TIME 200 S Civic Dr Palm Springs* CA 33.821364,-116.512438
Redondo Beach Police Service Dogs Memorial Memorial in front of the Redondo Beach Municipal Bldg 415 Diamond St Redondo Beach CA 33.844857, -118.388179
West Coast War Dog Memorial March Field Air Museum (limited hours) 22550 Van Buren Blvd. Riverside* CA 33.883248,-117.266891
Bear Dog Park named after Bear "Baron Von Der Kristin" who was the Roseville Police Department's first K-9. 1575 Pleasant Grove Blvd Roseville CA 38.767961, -121.337964
Sacramento - K-9 Promise Monument K-9 Promise monument located in Sierra Hills Pet Cemetery - Cemetery gate hours are 9 am to 5 pm daily. 6700 Verner Ave Sacramento* CA 38.68635,-121.33053
San Diego - K9 Inside Miramar Flying Leatherneck Museum - Story of War Dogs in the Marines since WWII 4203 Anderson Avenue San Diego* CA 32.891174,-117.138583
Santa Clarita - County of LA Fire Dept Camp 9 Camp 9 Fire Dogs final resting place - 21521 Sand Canyon Rd Santa Clarita CA 34.352243,-118.411375
Tulare County K9 Memorial - "Bane" K9 memorial as part of the Peace Officer Memorial S Woodland Dr and W Burrel Ave Visalia CA 36.328306,-119.318959
K9 'Jax' Memorial Police Dept. 100 Perry St. Castle Rock CO 39.370703,-104.858565
SSG "BADY" K9 Memorial K9 Memorial Plaque on POW/MIA memorial 148 Bennett Ave Cripple Creek CO 38.7465133,-105.18006209999
Service Dog Memorial Foothills Animal Shelter 580 McIntyre St Golden CO 39.724547,-105.173839
K-9 'Yogi' Memorial* Byram Park - Permit required for entry Ritch Ave. Greenwich* CT 41.004083,-73.646150
Middletown - K9 Memorial Memorial in front of CT State Police Bldg entrance 1111 Country Club Rd Middletown CT 41.569338,-72.727875
Middletown - K9 Sergeant Stubby K9 Sergeant Stubby memorial as part of Trees of Honor Walnut Grove Rd Middletown CT 41.559830,-72.670052
Westport PD Service Dog Memorial Service Dog memorial in front of Westport Police Department 50 Jesup Rd Westport CT 41.140287, -73.360310
K9 Memorial Bench K9 Memorial Bench located at the Windsor Animal Shelter - Plaque attached with names of K9's - Coordinates approx. 970 Marshall Phelps Road Windsor CT 41.860534, -72.686425
Mattie - CT Fire Academy Connecticut Accelerant Detection K9 memorial 34 Perimeter Rd Windsor Locks CT 41.946335,-72.686578
National Fire Dog Monument - Ashes to Answer Fifth & F Sts. NW Washington DC 38.897199,-77.019130
War Dog - "Stubby" Memorial found inside National Museum of American History in DC, 3rd floor - same section as the Huey. 1300 Constitution Ave NW Washington* DC 38.891676,-77.030052
Dover - War Dog Memorial Kent County Veterans Memorial 760-816 S Little Creek Rd Dover DE 39.156772,-75.506652
Townsend K-9 Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club of Delaware 474 Fleming Landing Rd Townsend DE 39.386761,-75.570932
K9 Daxx K9 memorial by Sculptor Lena Toritch - Boynton Village Park and Dog Park 800 Renaissance Commons Blvd Boynton Beach FL 26.536299, -80.087273
K-9 Magnum K-9 memorial on the ground of the Hernando County Sheriffs Office 18900 Cortez Blvd Brooksville FL 28.547215,-82.421527
K9 Memorial Flagler Co. Sheriff's Office Operations Center 901 E. Moody Blvd. Bunnell FL 29.469874,-81.252202
Fire Dog "REDLINE" Memorial at base of flag pote at Volusia County Fire Station 32 2850 Firehouse Rd Deland FL 28.977392, -81.300753
Navy Seal War Dogs War Dog statue outside of the Navy Seal Museum - Exhibit also inside - Limited hours 3300 N Hwy A1A Fort Pierce* FL 27.494936, -80.300292
Gainesville K-9 Kanapaha Veterans Memorial Park 7400 SW 41 Place Gainesville FL 29.617443,-82.420463
REMOVED Remembering Drake Memorial - Private area behind the Simmons Animal Hospital - only accessible 8-6 and closes an hour before the main area Green Acres - Lake Worth* FL
Hallandale Beach K9 Memorials Memorials for Karo and Gero - memorial stones mark the yrs of dedicated service 400 Old Federal Hwy Hallandale Beach FL 25.980574,-80.143108
Military and Police Service Dogs Memorial dedicated to Military and Police Service Dogs - by driveway of Fire Station 29 205 NW 1st Ave High Springs FL 29.827885, -82.599259
Hollywood K-9 - KIMBO Memorial plaque honoring KIMBO - Killed in the line of duty 3250 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood FL 26.010438,-80.174659
Jacksonville - K9 Memorial Police K9 Memorial at Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home & Pet Crematory 4969 Beach Blvd Jacksonville FL 30.297017,-81.615094
Police K-9 Memorial memorial is in front of the Criminal Justice Center and Training Academy 4715 Capper Rd Jacksonville (CJ Bldg) FL 30.430079, -81.724565
Police Dog Memorial Largo Central Park 105 Central Park Dr. Largo FL 27.914783,-82.785082
K-9 Officers Memorial Garden Maitland PD K9 Cemetery 1837 Fennell St Maitland FL 28.627586, -81.400479
K9 Memorial Merritt Island Plaza 400 S Sykes Creek Pkwy Merritt Island FL 28.351500,-80.682983
Loyal Partner Memorial Tropical Park 7900 SW 40th St. Miami FL 25.728682,-80.321861
Handler Sgt. Adam Leigh Cann, USMC plaque FDOT Building 1000 NW 111th Ave. Miami FL 25.780359,-80.376244
Milton - War Dog Memorial located at the Santa Rosa County Veterans Memorial Plaza 5191 Willing St Milton FL 30.622781, -87.035352
Mount Dora Police K9s Memorial by the entrance to the Mt Dora Police and Fire Dept 1300 N Donnelly St Mt Dora FL 28.808437, -81.644338
Handler and K9 Memorial Police Dept. 246 Industrial Park Ave. New Smyrna Beach FL 29.047583,-80.940249
Handler Dep. Brian Litz Memorial Sheriff's Office 9048 SW S.R. 200 Ocala FL 29.066729,-82.269426
Sara K9 - Orlando - The Bunker Life size statue of Sara K9 - Veteran's beloved guard Dog 3400 N Tanner Rd Orlando FL 28.590243,-81.171816
Polk City - Deputy Matt Williams & K9 DiOGi Memorial Deputy Matt Williams & K9 DiOGi Memorial in front of elementary school 125 S Bougainvillea Ave Polk City FL 28.181497,-81.823669
Stuart Police K9 K9 memorial in front of Stuart Police Department 830 SE M.L.K. Jr Blvd Stuart FL 27.193430,-80.239780
Sheriff's Association Memorial FSA Headquarters 2617 Mahan Dr. Tallahassee FL 30.456936,-84.233918
Tampa - K-9 Corp - On Point and Forever Forward Hillsborough County Veterans Memorial Park 3602 US-301 Tampa* FL 27.976270,-82.362488
Titusville - Canine Memorial K9 Memorial located in front of the American Police Hall of Fame 6350 Horizon Drive Titusville FL 28.526602,-80.783605
Faithful Partner - Guardian of the Night USAF Armament Museum 100 Museum Dr., outside Eglin AFB Valparaiso - Eglin AFB FL 30.466440,-86.561243
Venice - John F Langley K9 Memorial K9 Handler (John) K9 memorial in his front yard - Daylight hours - Stop for visit and thank him for his service 364 Center Rd Venice FL 27.078859,-82.414600
Vero Beach - Indian River K9 Memorial K9 Memorial in front of Indian River Sheriff Dept 3885 41st Ave Vero Beach FL 27.666932,-80.424265
K9 Cigo Palm Beach County Sherriff's K9 memorial - part of the PB Sherriff's Law Enforcement Memorial Hobbs and Mathews Blvd West Palm Beach FL 26.671227, -80.093427
Handler and K9 Police Memorial Sheriff's Office 1891 Jim Keene Blvd. Winter Haven FL 28.016767,-81.811205
Search & Rescue Dog Monument Dept. of Agriculture Bldg. Washington St. SW & MLK Dr. NW Atlanta GA 33.750089,-84.388275
War Dog Memorial Sacrifice Field Baltzell Ave and Bergen St Fort Benning* GA 32.363487, -84.949321
Richmond Hill K-9 Memorials Several K9 memorials located in JF Gregory City Park 521 Cedar St Richmond Hill GA 31.94568 -81.30601
Hero - Partner - Friend Monument Police Headquarters 1960 W Exchange Pl. Tucker GA 33.841091,-84.245518
K9 "SASHA" Memorial across the street from the Warwick Police Dept 141 Dogwood St SE Warwick GA 31.829242, -83.920837
Cedar Rapids PD K9 Memorial K9 Memorial located in Sunner Memorial Park 701 Valor Way Cedar Rapids IA 41.970962,-91.667996
Perry Police and K-9 Memorial area in front of the Perry Police Department 908 Willis Ave Perry IA 41.838638, -94.108293
Idaho K9 Memorial Idaho State Police headquarters - statue honors K9 team members who lost their lives in the line of duty 700 S Stratford Dr. Meridian ID 43.598573,-116.383838
K9 Memorial Police Dept. W Walnut & N 2nd Sts. Chillicothe IL 40.916041,-89.485986
Honoring America's Canine Veterans Memorial Plaque as part of the Dixon Veterans Memorial Park 668 Veterans Pkwy Dixon IL 41.848250, -89.503049
Dottie the Faithful Fire Dog Memorial Plaque next to the drive of Edwardsville Fire Station 1 333 S Main St Edwardsville IL 38.807233, -89.955646
Vietnam War Dog Memorial - RELOCATED - SEE PEORIA, IL Wild Life Prairie Park - Admission Fee 3826 Taylor Rd. Hanna City IL 40.734172,-89.742735
Hanover Park Military Working Dog Memorial War Dog Statue in front of Hanover Park Village Offices 2121 W Lake St Hanover Park IL 41.990714,-88.158546
Freedom Run - Military K9 Memorial Dog Park Freedom Run Dog Park in honor of Military K-9's 6150 Russell Dr Hoffman Estates IL 42.052589, -88.242656
Libertyville - Police K9 Memorial K9 Memorial located in Highland Memorial Park Cemetery 33100 Hunt Club Rd Libertyville IL 42.342332,-87.964866
Peoria - Vietnam War Dog Memorial Peoria County Veterans Memorial 151 NE Adams Peoria IL 40.692421,-89.589134
Plainfield Riverfront K9 Memorial memorial recognizes K9s of the past, present and future. 24321 Lockport St Plainfield IL 41.604657,-88.212258
War Dog Memorial Veterans Memorial at Streamwood Village Hall 301 Irving Park Rd. Streamwood IL 42.010835,-88.172455
'Officer Mike' Memorial Police Dept. 139 N Dye St. Virden IL 39.501018,-89.766577
K9 "Tracker" Memorial Memorial to First Wood River Police K9 - Outside Wood River Museum 40 W Ferguson Ave Wood River IL 38.860737, -90.099447
Lake County Canine Memorial Memorial at the Lake County Sheriff's Department at Crown Point 2293 N Main St Crown Point IN 41.447849, -87.370692
Fairmont - Hero Dog American Legion Post #313 522 E 8th St Fairmont IN 40.422374, -85.642878
Warrior Dog Memorial Mohr Park 2300 Saratoga Ave. Kokomo IN 40.464644,-86.102618
Logansport War Dog Memorial at the foot of the base of the WWI Doughboy 6th and Broadway Logansport IN 40.754392,-86.362768
"GUS" - K-9 Memorial " To the littlest airman "GUS" and all the military working dogs left behind" - memorial plaque near entrance to Grissom Air Museum 1000 W Hoosier Blvd Peru IN 40.669379,-86.130920
Handler Long and K9 "Shadow" Memorial A statue of slain Terre Haute police officer Brent Long and his K9 "Shadow" - Terre Haute Police Department parking lot 1211 Wabash Ave Terre Haute IN 39.467000, -87.398888
Fallen K9 Officers Memorial Courthouse Sq. Kentucky Ave. & Pine St. Pineville KY 36.761310,-83.695432
Vietnam K-9 Memorial K-9 Memorial as part of Veterans Park memorial 5593 Little Bayou Black Drive (LA Hwy 331) Houma LA 29.5895203,-90.7378597
Handler JR Searcy Memorial JR Searcy Library 5775 Jonesboro Rd. West Monroe LA 32.411520,-92.209060
K9 Memorial K9 Memorial in front of the Bridgewater Police Headquarters 220 Pleasant St Bridgewater MA 41.986735, -70.986876
War Dogs Memorial Memorial adjacent to small building outside of Hillside Acres Animal Cemetery 400 Nevins Rd Methuen MA 42.732457, -71.190218
Canine Veterans - World War II Memorial inside pet cemetery, top of hill closest to road - Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm 400 Nevins Rd Methuen* MA 42.73213, -71.18864
K-9 Memorial (Police) Memorial that honor Police K9's that have served - at base of small hill - Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm 400 Nevins Rd Methuen* MA 42.73262, -71.18923
"In Valor There Is Hope" K9 memorial at the Police Academy - Memorial Bench for Handler Gannon also 24 Long Pond Rd Plymouth MA 41.931944, -70.654024
Accelerant and Explosive Canine Detection Dogs Memorial K9 Memorial - on the grounds of the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services 1 State Rd Stow MA 42.395071, -71.476403
War Dogs Monument Green Hill Park 200 Green Hill Pkwy. Worcester MA 42.280976,-71.783149
K9 Memorial statue watching over K9 Cemetery - exact location TBD - Behind MSP Easton Barracks 7053 Ocean Gateway Easton MD 38.742723, -76.066969
Gunther K9 K9 Veteran's Memorial Dog Park - In memory of Gunther 2-8 Heath St Old Orchard Beach ME 43.514270,-70.378354
Windham K9's K9 memorial stones in front of Windham Fire Rescue - Central Station 375 Gray Rd Windham ME 43.779420,-70.415232
Bellaire K-9 Memorial Bench Thayer Lane and Maple Street Bellaire MI 44.974337,-85.205063
Coleman - Working Dog K9 K9 as part of the Coleman Veterans Memorial 407-, 499 E Railway St Coleman MI 43.755080,-84.582921
Harrison Vietnam War Dog bronze statue featuring a Vietnam war soldier and his combat canine - Veterans Freedom Park W Main and N Broad St Harrison MI 44.020115,-84.803515
War Dogs Memorial Veterans Park Odanah Ave. & S Lapeer Rd. Lake Orion MI 42.775963,-83.239639
K9 and Law Enforcement Memorial Flint Memorial Park Cemetery - Dawn to Dusk - Memorial that honors Law Enforcement officers including K9's 9506 N Dort Hwy Mt Morris* MI 43.143598, -83.686714
Muskegon War Dog Display K9 exhibit on board LST 393 - Limited hours 560 Mart St Muskegon MI 43.234651, -86.258879
K9 - Vietnam Veterans of Muskegon County Lest We Forget ... Vietnam Veterans of Muskegon County info board US 31 & Grand Haven Rd Muskegon - Norton Shores MI 43.180687,-86.220985
War Dog Memorial Vietnam K9 Memorial Wall 25805 Milford Rd South Lyon MI 42.475856,-83.613744
War Dogs Memorial Veterans Memorial Paul Fortino Dr, Swartz Creek MI 42.959057,-83.832710
K9 "BOZ" Memorial Memorial plaque in front of the Michigan State Police Post in Taylor 12111 Telegraph Rd Taylor MI 42.218853, -83.268249
K-9 Police Dog Memorial Police Dept. 4530 Walnut Lake Rd. West Bloomfield Township MI 42.559624,-83.372884
K9 'Zeek' Memorial Outside Veterinary Hospital 7610 N Wayne Rd. Westland MI 42.342385,-83.384908
K9 Honor Wall inside woodhaven PD, K9 Honor Wall 21869 West Road Woodhaven* MI 42.137249, -83.245805
'Remembering the Fallen' Sheriff's Dept. 13301 Hanson Blvd NW Andover MN 45.212675,-93.304998
K-9 'King' Memorial King Park 1201 Park St. Anoka MN 45.204751,-93.410467
K9 Haas Memorial Dog Park Dog Park memorial just north of GND (Gary-New Duluth) Rec Center 800 101st Ave W Duluth MN 46.665835, -92.227752
Edina Police K-9 memorial sculpture by lifetime Edina resident Michelle Recke - City Hall and Police Station grounds 4801 W 50th St (Eden Ave and Wilson Rd) Edina MN 44.910690, -93.348186
War Dog Memorial Little Canada Veterans Memorial Park next to Round Lake Across from 1 Little Canada Rd. E Little Canada MN 45.025567,-93.101149
Plymouth K-9 Life-size bronze German Shepherd statue, to honor the Plymouth K-9 unit and “all the dogs who have served and those that have died in the line of duty.” 3400 Plymouth Blvd Plymouth MN 45.020066,-93.476059
Clayton K9 memorial Memorial Plaza outside Police Headquarters in Clayton - short walk from parking area 7900 Forsyth Blvd Clayton* MO 38.649566,-90.339111
Hollister War Dog Veterans Grove - Display to the left of the Gold Star Memorial 1 Opportunity Ave Hollister MO 36.613346,-93.237436
Moberly War Dog Memorial Rothwell Park Holman Rd. nr. W Reed St. Moberly MO 39.420687,-92.457508
Neosho K-9's memorial recognition "all K9's and their handlers". 4080 La Questa Dr Neosho MO 36.842513, -94.390564
O'Fallon PD K-9 memorial plaque by 9-11 memorial in parking lot of municipal centre 100 S Main O'Fallon MO 38.811435,-90.697010
Sedalia War Dog Memorial Pettis Co. Courthouse Nr. E 5th and S Ohio Aves. Sedalia MO 38.707008,-93.227995
Springfield Police Service Dogs Service Dog memorial located in service dog cemetery at Rivermonte Memorial Gardens 4500 S Lone Pine Ave Springfield MO 37.131190, -93.234183
They Also Served - Southaven walking path at the new Desoto County Veterans Park 4716 Pepperchase Southaven MS 34.930326,-89.995994
K9 'Bach' Memorial - North East Side of Jim Saucier Memorial Park pond south of City Hall Northwest Dr. Southaven* MS 34.986539,-90.002825
War Dogs Memorial Veterans Park 18th & Main Sts. Ft. Benton MT 47.820849,-110.664817
The Working Dog memorial located by the Magistrate's Office 828 M.L.K. Jr Blvd Chapel Hill NC 35.926647, -79.052681
Dog Soldiers in Vietnam Memorial Rock Quarry Park 500 W Murray Ave. Durham NC 36.030334,-78.900154
Special Ops K9 Memorial - Constant Vigilance Airborne and Special Operations Museum 100 Bragg Rd. Fayetteville NC 35.056841,-78.885725
Police K9 Memorial Policer Dept. Pittman & Hay Sts. Fayetteville NC 35.054129,-78.883975
Fayetteville PD Training Center K-9 Memorial Memorial to K-9 Corp outside of the training center 670 N Eastern Blvd Fayetteville NC 35.058478,-78.857502
War Dog Memorial Central Park 303 Kirby Rd King NC 36.276308,-80.35399
Memorial to Law Enforcement Officers Killed in the Line of D fallen K9 (“Maros”) is listed together with fallen officers on the same monument 201 S Green Street Morgantown NC 35.745420, -81.685643
America's Forgotten Heroes Veterans Memorial Park 103 W. Smith St. Pikeville NC 35.501375,-77.984003
'Officer Rocky' Memorial Pinebluff Public Safety Office S. Walnet St Pinebluff NC 35.101480,-79.475467
Lincoln - "They Never Complained" - Antelope Park K9 Memorial in Antelope Park - behind Statue of Liberty to the left 1650 Memorial Drive Lincoln NE 40.796244,-96.673177
K9 Kobus Memorial Statue in front of Gary and Mary West Regional Canine Training Facility 11952 Rainwood Rd Omaha NE 41.350758, -96.099283
War Dog and Handler Memorial Siouxland Freedom Park 1101 Foundry Rd. South Sioux City NE 42.470316,-96.395224
War Dog Memorial Pine Grove Cemetery Cemetery Rd. Barrington NH 43.213185,-71.002915
Line of Duty Memorial Atlantic City Boardwalk Nr 198 St. James Place Atlantic City NJ 39.357068,-74.425611
K-9 'Sirius' Memorial Large Dog Park West 1st St. and JFK Blvd. Bayonne NJ 40.644976,-74.140275
Blackwood - Camden County Firefighter/EMS Camden County Firefighter/EMS memorial with Fire Dog 420 Woodbury Turnersville Rd Blackwood NJ 39.787227,-75.073254
War Dog Memorial Memorial to War Dogs next to All Veterans Memorial in Turkey Brook Park 39 Flanders Rd Budd Lake - Mt Olive Township NJ 40.866205, -74.726771
Flemington - K9 and Handler Memorial J.P. Case Middle School next to flag pole 301 Case Blvd Flemington NJ 40.503411,-74.832066
K-9 "Rambo" Memorial to "Rambo" in front of Monmouth County Police Acadamey 2000 Kozloski Rd Freehold Township NJ 40.262927, -74.247782
Military Working Dogs Hamilton Township Veterans Memorial Park - South Entrance (Kuser Road) 2206 Kuser Rd Hamilton Township NJ 40.204493, -74.678687
War Dog Memorial NJ Vietnam Veterans Memorial 1 Memorial Ln. Holmdel NJ 40.389256,-74.175711
Howell Township PD K9 Memorial Memorial located next the Howell Township PD 300 Old Tavern Rd Howell Township NJ 40.171825, -74.178035
9-11 Rescue Dog part of 9-11 memorial N Crescent Blvd & Rogers Ave Pennsauken Township NJ 39.955731 -75.058000
Gloucester Township K-9 Memorial K-9 Schultz inspired memorial - Gloucester Township Community Park 450 Hickstown Rd Sicklerville - Turnersville NJ 39.775198,-75.036637
K-9 Memorial K-9 Training Facility 196 Glenside Ave. Summit NJ 40.700378,-74.363032
West Deptford Police Dog Memorial Small memorial located adjacent to the Riverwinds Community Center (South Side) 1000 Riverwinds Dr West Deptford Township NJ 39.858653,-75.205435
West Orange K9 at Eagle Rock part of 9-11 memorial at the Eagle Rock Observation Deck in West Orange Crest Drive West Orange NJ 40.803066, -74.238380
Las Cruces K9 Memorial Wardog memorial on wall below UH-1 at the NM Vietnam Veterans Memorial 1721 N. Roadrunner Pkwy Las Cruces NM 32.335277,-106.750730
Amsterdam K9 monument dedicated to K-9's behind the flag pole 214 Fort Hunter Road Amsterdam (Florida) NY 42.892017,-74.225464
K9 Memorial K9 Memorial at the Beacon Police Department 1 Municipal Plaza Beacon NY 41.508237, -73.978403
Binghamton K9 Memorial Memorial dedicated to all Canines Hawley and State Street Binghamton NY 42.096746, -75.912272
Wall of Remembrance Coney Island MCU Park 1904 Surf Ave. Brooklyn NY 40.574032,-73.984765
Erie County Sheriff K9s K9 memorial adjacent to Bark Park at the Black Rock Canal Park Hertel Avenue and Ontario Street Buffalo NY 42.944700, -78.909680
Otsego County Sheriff K9 Deputy Memorial K9 Memorial outside the entrance of the Sheriffs office 172 Co Hwy 33 Cooperstown NY 42.652125, -74.949663
9/11 Rescue Dogs Memorial Diamond in the Pines Park 1883 Route 112 Coram NY 40.887873,-73.009636
War Dog Memorial Eisenhower Park - SW corner of tower Nr. Merrick Ave. & Park Blvd. East Meadow NY 40.733938, -73.577841
9/11 Rescue Dog Memorial Farmingdale State College 2350 Broadhollow Rd. Farmingdale NY 40.755155,-73.427558
Fishkill K-9 Memorial plaque located at the Fishkill War Veteran Memorial - generally between the PD and Rec Center 795 NY-52 Fishkill NY 41.526107, -73.923617
WWI War Dog Memorial Pet Cemetery Central Park & Lawton Aves. Hartsdale NY 41.021466,-73.796828
War Dog Memorial Monument H Lee Dennison Bldg. 100 Veterans Memorial Hwy. Hauppauge NY 40.821867,-73.223492
9/11 SAR Canines 9/11 Memorial Garden Byrd St. & Irmisch Ave. Lindenhurst NY 40.690801,-73.372754
Niagra County Sheriff K9 Memorial Memorial located in front of the Niagara County Jail Complex 5526 Niagar St Ext Lockport NY 43.180730, -78.736709
Menands Police K-9 Memorial Capital District K9 Memorial Park 3 Oakland Ave Menands NY 42.690261,-73.723680
Accelerant Detection Dogs Memorial Accelerant Detection Dogs memorial located at the NY State Academy of Fire Science 600 College Ave Montour Falls NY 42.341533, -76.839224
Police K-9 Sheriff's Office 6150 SR 96 Romulus NY 42.721069,-76.824809
"Chips" - WWII War Dog War Dog Statue on the Trail of Honor at Lasdon Park 2610 NY-35 Somers* NY 41.275990, -73.736770
9/11 - K9 'Sirius' Monument Fire Dept. West end of Duelk Ave. South Bloom Grove NY 41.368527,-74.189736
Police K-9's Memorial to Watertowns Police K9's - New York State Zoo grounds - gated in front of ticket offices 1 Thompson Park Watertown* NY 43.961819, -75.886000
Williamsville - Fire Rescue Dog Patriots and Hero's Park - 9-11 Memorial - Dog w/Firefighters Transit Rd & Freeman Rd Williamsville NY 42.952831,-78.696434
Ohio Police K9 Memorial K9 Memorial that pays tribute to the four legged officers West Main St and Woodlands Dr Amelia OH 39.034163, -84.225723
K9 Memorial K9 Memorial plaque in front of the Justice Center - GS Troop 80525 service project 110 W 44th St Ashtabula OH 41.867113, -80.780250
K-9 Memorial - To Serve and Protect Outside courthouse Second St. NW & Market Ave. N Canton OH 40.799182,-81.374792
K9 Jethro Memorial - Trained to Serve located in the Police K-9 Association Memorial Cemetery - limited hours - Sculptor - Lena Toritch 2682 Harrisburg Rd NE Canton* OH 40.826814, -81.340326
Courage, Service, Loyalty, and Honor A brick half-circle with the words Courage, Loyalty, Service and Honor on the wall with a bronze statue of a K9 600 Island Rd Circleville OH 39.611023, -82.952628
Clinton K-9 Memorial Bench Ohio Veterans' Memorial Park 8005 S Cleveland Massillon Rd Clinton OH 40.924459,-81.626156
K9 Memorial Jackson Pike Jail 2460 Jackson Pike Columbus OH 39.907803,-83.020412
The Unbreakable Bond K9 memorial - Motts Military Museum 5075 S Hamilton Rd Groveport OH 39.859192, -82.887507
Smoky - Yorkie Doodle Dandy Cleveland Metroparks Rocky Reservation - Be aware of surroundings Valley Pkwy., 1.25 mi. south of Detroit Ave. entrance Lakewood OH 41.466808,-81.833266
Summit County Metro K9 Memorial Memorial located at the Summit County Sheriff's Office Training Bureau 2825 Greensburg Rd North Canton OH 40.931086, -81.443159
War Dog Memorial Veterans Memorial Park 2 Cliff Park Rd. Springfield OH 39.929450,-83.810746
Vietnam War Dogs Memorial Vietnam Memorial Park Clough Pike & Glen Este-Withamsville Rd. Union Township OH 39.084297,-84.273242
Police Dog Memorial Lakefront Park 30435 Lakeshore Blvd. Willowick OH 41.64024,-81.47580
War Dog "FANT" Memorial Memorial to War Dog "FANT K027", KIA - to the left of the Veterans Memorial at the Caddo County Courthouse 110 SW 2nd St Anadarko OK 35.074241, -98.245572
K9 "Blake" Memorial on the east side (S Noble Ave) of Hinton City Hall Bldg 115 E Main St Hinton OK 35.471128, -98.354353
K9 "Athos" K9 Memorial by the Lexington Fire Dept Bldg 133 E Broadway St Lexington OK 35.015117, -97.334418
K-9 Memorial (DPS) Granite K9 memorial in front of the DPS Bldg 3600 N Martin Luther King Ave Oklahoma City OK 35.506241, -97.475936
Brookings Police Department K9 simple memorial at base of flag pole in front of Fire & Police Dept Elk Dr & 5th St Brookings OR 42.055189,-124.287858
Clackamas County Law Enforcement Memorial Plaza K9 K9 at attention guarding a fallen officer 9101 SE Sunnybrook Blvd Clackamas OR 45.430095,-122.570703
'Hondo' Hydrant Tribute Dog Park 4499 NW 229th Ave. Hillsboro OR 45.552477,-122.909705
Police K9 Memorial Public Safety Building 4735 E. Burnside St. Portland OR 45.523097,-122.614037
War Dog Memorial 2501 Bath Rd. Bristol PA 40.123625,-74.867419
War Dog Memorial VFW Post 8896 107 Locust St. East Berlin PA 39.935915,-76.978059
Police K-9 Memorial Police Dept. 8230 Old York Rd. Elkins Park PA 40.081646,-75.127858
Irish Brigade Monument Gettysburg Military Park Sickles Ave. Gettysburg PA 39.797071,-77.245105
Sallie Gettsburg Military Park 220 Doubleday Ave. Gettysburg PA 39.842162,-77.242606
Police Dog’s Oath Memorial located next to entrance to Mill Creek Dog Park - *approx 400 ft walk 3350 Mill Road Hatboro* PA 40.162767, -75.117600
K9 "Griz" Memorial Memorial to K9 Griz behind City Hall 40 N Church St Hazleton PA 40.956190, -75.977229
Lehighton K9 Memorial Military Working Dog Memorial - Honoring all working dogs 101 Lehigh Drive Lehighton PA 40.834028,-75.707163
K9 'Schafer' Memorial County Courthouse Lawn 16678 McMath Ave. Meadville PA 41.616645,-80.202023
Nanticoke - Steamer Fire Dog Memorial Plaque SW corner of property in memory of Steamer 2 E Ridge St Nanticoke PA 41.199270,-76.001381
K9 Rocco Memorial 'Ever Watchful' Heinz Field on the North Shore N Shore Dr. & Art Rooney Ave. Pittsburgh PA 40.445036,-80.013635
Berks County K9 Memorial Heritage Center Artist - Angelo DiMaria 1102 Red Bridge Rd. Reading PA 40.370309,-75.980584
Police K9 Memorial - "Nero" & "Sheiko" Memorials in memory to 2 police K9's on the front lawn of the Uniontown Public Safety Building 25 North Beeson Blvd Uniontown PA 39.902314, -79.725517
West York - "Mike" Firehouse Mascot memorial in front of West York Fire Dept 1341 W Market St West York PA 39.953804,-76.758328
War Dog Memorial Heritage Rail Trail Co. Park W King St. at Codorus Creek bridge York PA 39.959499,-76.731759
North Providence Police Service Dog Memorial Memorial Plaque of the Service Dogs of North Providence PD - GPS approx Plymonth St and Mineral Springs Ave North Providence RI 41.862038, -71.460408
War Dog Memorial 700 Hampton St. Columbia SC 34.002541,-81.042183
Honor Bench In Honor of all National Peace Officers, Human and Canine, Who have served this great nation - in front of the Charleston Animal Society 2455 Remount Rd North Charleston SC 32.898024, -80.026442
Crossville - K9 Officer Cain Memorial Dog Park Memorial Park located within Centennial Park - N parking lot - short hike required 837 Industrial Blvd Crossville TN 35.96754,-85.02554
Fire Dog "Big Chief" Plaque "Big Chief" plaque in front of the Elizabethton Fire Department facing S Sycamore St 121 S Sycamore St Elizabethton TN 36.346748, -82.214409
K9 "SGT YORIS" Monument monument in the Adored Pet Cemetery - location TBD - appear might be just inside the Memory Gardens Cemetery entrance 113 Memory Gardens Rd Johnson City TN 36.377246, -82.424616
Guam Marine War Dogs Veterinary School of Medicine 2407 River Dr. Knoxville TN 35.945616,-83.941424
K9 "Ira" - Tree Carving Tree stump carving of Alvin S Hood St and Palm Circle Alvin's first police K9 TX 29.411691, -95.245277
K9 "Pinto" My Partner and My Hero - Memorial stone on the Andrews County Courthouse lawn 201 N Main St Andrews TX 32.320017, -102.547417
K9 Officer Cash Memorial Dog Park Dedicated to "Cash", the first K-9 officer of the Angleton Police Department 535 S. Anderson Angleton TX 29.159648, -95.425177
K9 Officers "Bok" & "Cezar" Pair of memorial K9 headstones, south end of the Arp City Park (1 block behind Arp Fire Station) S Main St and Hollywood Ave Arp TX 32.224117, -95.059217
Honoring the Canines Located in front of a 9-11 memorial garden in Tyrrell Park 5500 Babe Zaharias Dr Beaumont TX 30.022513, -94.146773
K9 "Lucy" Dog Park park is named after the Bellaire Police Department’s “K9 detective,” Lucy 4300 Edith St Bellaire (Houston) TX 29.690854, -95.448057
Enduring Valor Pet Memorial Park 1210 J Elmer Weaver Frwy. Cedar Hill TX 32.566996,-96.965839
Bretagne Corliss - 9-11 Search Dog working dog memorial honoring one of the search dogs used on 9-11 20444 Cypresswood Dr Cypress TX 29.992794,-95.738365
El Paso - Dawgs of War Dawgs of War Memorial as part of the Veterans Memorial 9800 Diana Drive El Paso TX 31.883450,-106.439353
K-9 on Litter War dog being tended to by two soldiers on litter 3898 Stanley Rd Fort Sam Houston - San Antonio TX 29.464764,-98.447917
FWPD K9 Memorial Memorial statue in the K9 Cemetery at Bob Bolen Public Safety Complex 505 W Felix St Ft Worth TX 32.677464, -97.327281
Granbury Hero Dog Jim Burks Firefighters Memorial Park 561 N Travis St Granbury TX 32.447593,-97.789316
Service Dog Memorial Fallen Warriors Memorial Service Dogs - Bretagne and CPL Eli - Use parking lot immediately south of the memorial 14600 Cutten Rd Houston TX 29.987215,-95.549644
POW-MIA K9 Memorial Teague Park nr. fishing pier 415 American Legion Blvd. Longview TX 32.502015,-94.721378
PD K9 Memorial Police Dept. 1488 S Seguin Ave. New Braunfels TX 29.687651,-98.108808
Paris - War Dog Monument Monument to War Dogs as part of the Red River Valley Veterans Memorial 2025 S Collegiate Dr Paris TX 33.639588,-95.523926
War Dog Memorial Veterans Memorial Park 7626 Gulfway Dr. Port Arthur TX 29.953289,-93.877736
K9 Memorial Police Dept. 2701 N Mays St. Round Rock TX 30.540506,-97.688234
San Antonio - Lackland AFB Military Working Dog Teams National Monument 2434 Larson St San Antonio TX 29.390447,-98.617188
Southlake K9 Memorial Statues of Police and Fire Dog in front of the Southlake Police and Fire Bldgs 667 N Carroll Ave Southlake TX 32.947628, -97.133950
Police K-9 Police Station 1200 10th St. N Texas City TX 29.394248,-94.908938
Trophy Club K9 K9 as part of the Military Veterans's Memorial Park in Trophy Club 500 Parkview Dr Trophy Club TX 33.010438, -97.207190
K9 "Rocky" Memorial Plaque of Rocky, K9 assigned to the Victoria County Sheriff's Office - interned at the Memory Meadows Pet Memorial Park 135 Progress Dr Victoria TX 28.847711, -96.905115
Dogs and Handlers Memorial Veterans Memorial Park 1415 Jordan Narrows Rd. Bluffdale UT 40.439986,-111.931400
Cedar City - Iron County Police K9s Cedar City Cemetery - Police K9 memorial - Dawn to Dusk 685 Main St Cedar City UT 37.690603, -113.062662
SLC 1st Bloodhound "JJ" SLC Police Memorial Plaque honoring the City's First Bloodhound - Memorial View Cemetery and Pet Garden - Dawn to Dusk 3115 Bengal Blvd Cottonwood Heights UT 40.611333, -111.804950
Weber County Sheriff K9 Memorial Tiffany's Memorial Pet Cemetery - K9 Memorial 1875 Monroe Blvd Ogden UT 41.234438,-111.959897
Roy City - K9 "Axel" Axel - Roy City Police K9 Memorial - just outside entrance to PD - SE Corner of Bldg 5051 South 1900 West Roy City UT 41.171518, -112.026857
Law Enforcement Memorial Capital Grounds 360 Columbus St. E Salt Lake City UT 40.777621,-111.889829
Salt Lake County K9 Memorial Memorial Stone in front of Salt Lake County Sheriff's building 3510 South 700 West South Salt Lake UT 40.695467,-111.911582
Utah County K9 Memorial K9 Monument outside the front entrance of the Utah County Jail 3075 N Main St Spanish Fork UT 40.149105, -111.658945
Law Enforcement K9 Memorial College of Veterinary Medicine 205 Duck Pond Dr. Blacksburg VA 37.217854,-80.427628
War Dogs "Always Faithful" War Dog Monument at the entrance to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter 4500 West Ox Rd Fairfax VA 38.856715, -77.372475
Search and Rescue Dog “Thor” K9 memorial by the Fairfax County Police Dept 12300 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy Fairfax VA 38.871121, -77.370402
K9 Memorial - Baron Bronze K9 statue in front of Public Safety Building - Coordinates approx 205 N Roanoke St Fincastle VA 37.500676, -79.877688
K9 "Gunner" Memorial Dog Park park in honor of K9 "Gunner" with the Prince William County Police Department - End of Watch: Monday June 6, 2005 13000 Minnieville Road Lake Ridge VA 38.668739, -77.287306
Richmond K-9 Richmond Police K9 memorial - DAYLIGHT HOURS ONLY 814 Forest Lawn Dr Richmond* VA 37.598625,-77.442801
Richmond K-9 Cemetery Short walk to back of property - DAYLIGHT HOURS ONLY 814 Forest Lawn Dr Richmond* VA 37.599093,-77.442249
Richmond K-9 (Museum) K9 Display inside Virginia Museum of History and Culture 428 N Blvd Richmond* VA 37.558235,-77.474178
Guam Marine War Dogs - Kurt National Marine Corps Museum - War Dog - 18900 Jefferson Davis Hwy. Triangle VA 38.543410,-77.341777
Timothy T. Day Overlook K-9 - Caesar Statue at the entrance to overlook 18900 Jefferson Davis Hwy Triangle VA 38.542132,-77.341557
Military Working Dogs Inside Gallery of Nationa Marine Corps Museum - Various Displays 18900 Jefferson Davis Hwy Triangle* VA 38.544049,-77.343343
Navy Seal and K9 Memorial memorial has stars for fallen Seals and paws for fallen K9s - on the board walk, beach facing side of the Marriot - short walk from parking lot 3737 Atlantic Ave Virginia Beach* VA 36.86625, -75.97931
K9 "Lucky" Lucky Memorial Dog Park - Clark County K9 10100 NE 149th St Brush Prairie WA 45.703710, -122.506330
K9 "Kane" Kane Memorial Dog Park - *approx 500 yard hike from parking lot - Clark County K9 10910 NE 172nd Ave Brush Prairie* WA 45.70371, -122.50633
Police K-9 Memorial Criminal Justice Training Center 19010 1st Ave. S Burien WA 47.433311,-122.332680
"Rex - K-9 Soldier" K9 Statue in the Edmonds Veterans Plaza - in back of Edmonds Municipal Bldg 530 Bell St Edmonds WA 47.811417, -122.375750
Washington State Patrol K9 "Patrick" K9 Memorial located in courtyard of WSP Academy - Daytime hours only 631 W Dayton Airport Rd Shelton WA 47.25092, -123.15985
Washington State K9 Memorial K9 memorial included with the Spokane Law Enforcement Memorial at Spokane County Courthouse. The names of dogs who died in the line of their duties are engraved on the top. *LIMITED PARKING 1100 W Mallon Ave Spokane* WA 47.665050, -117.428076
K9 "IKE" Ike Memorial Dog Park - Clark County K9 - parking lot is across the street 5167 NE 15th St Vancouver WA 45.658250, -122.656148
K9 "Dakota" Dakota Memorial Dog Park - Clark County K9 - 1501 NE 164th Ave Vancouver WA 45.634820, -122.501200
K9 'Dakota' Memorial Police Dept. Lobby 520 SE 155th Ave. Vancouver* WA 45.617306,-122.516065
Forever Faithful Monument Washougal PD 1320 A St. Washougal WA 45.577790,-122.357454
Ready to Serve K9 K9 Sculpture located in front of Brown County Sheriff's Office 2684 Developement Dr Bellevue - Green Bay WI 44.453907, -87.997030
K9 Veterans Memorial McCoy Park 1100 Madison Ave. Fort Atkinson WI 42.937408,-88.853500
Jefferson K9 Memorial K9 memorial in front of the Jefferson County Courthouse 311 Center Ave Jefferson WI 43.003083, -88.807140
Lancaster K9 facing center tablets 298 Grant Lancaster WI 42.843744,-90.700743
War Dogs Memorial Village Park Garfield Dr. Menomonee Falls WI 43.175984,-88.118946
Neillsville K9 - at The Highground Memorial K9 memorial - gps approx location on the memorial grounds W7031 Ridge Rd Neillsville WI 44.565592,-90.665922
The Dogs of Duty Wisconsin Police Dog Memorial located in Westport Pet Memorial - Hours 9am - 9pm - Off road surfaces 5376 Kennedy Dr Waunakee* WI 43.163257, -89.411815
Waupaca - King - "Brownie" K-9 Corps Headstone for Brownie in the Central Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery N 2665, County Rd QQ Waupaca - King WI 44.333550,-89.143074
WV Police Canine Assoc LE Canine Memorial K9 Memorial located in Barboursville Park end of Deer Run Rd Barboursville WV 38.394744,-82.314497
Fairmont War Dog - Mural Mural panel to the right of the flag poles State St & City View Terrace Fairmont WV 39.470258, -80.131534
Oak Hill K9 Memorial K9 memorial by Sculptor Jamie Lester - In Dr Hamilton Dog Park 205 Central Ave Oak Hill WV 37.974765, -81.147945
Cody War Dog Wyoming Veterans Memorial Park 2513 Greybull Hwy Cody WY 44.512980,-109.040491

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