Veterans memorials

WWII Veterans Memorial
WWII Veterans Memorial in Milford, Connecticut

Milford, Connecticut
Milford Green
South Broad St. at Armory Ln.
GPS coordinates: 41.22179,-73.05786

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Located in the town green, Milford’s memorial to the veterans of WWII is unique amongst memorials to soldiers of that war from Connecticut. The bronze memorial was erected for the 50th anniversary of the end of WWII, and displays five members of the military, representing various branches, in action. A Marine, a Navy sailor and an Army soldier are joined by an aviator from the Army Air Corps (before there was an Air Force) and in a departure from most veteran’s monuments of the time, includes a WAC (Women’s Army Corps) nurse. The monument is dedicated to all who served during WWII.

Also in the area: A short ride through southwestern Connecticut’s backroads will take you past what is arguably the best southern BBQ joint in the state, Ed Wilson’s Real Pit Barbeque on the Post Road in Fairfield.

Heading north, a ride through the West Rock State Park in New Haven will take you past Judges Cave where in 1661 two members of Britain’s parliament spent a month hiding from the forces of King Charles II whose first act when the monarchy was restored was to order the death sentences for the members of parliament who had his own father Charles I beheaded, and ended the British monarchy for a decade in the 1650s.

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