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Fill out the form below and pay with Paypal or credit card. Credit card payments are processed by Paypal and you don't need a Paypal account. If you prefer to pay by check or money order, click here to download the registration form. Registrations are accepted until October 31, 2019.

T-shirts are included with the registration price. If you want a LONG-SLEEVE or WOMEN'S shirt instead of the short-sleeve t-shirt, add $7. For extra t-shirts, add $17 for each short-sleeve and $22 for each long-sleeve and women's shirt, 2XL and 3XL are $2 and $3 more. If you want the cost of T-shirt go to your charity, select NONE.

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September 14, 2019 - Winona, MN

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By clicking the SUBMIT NOW button below, I acknowledge that motorcycling is an inherently dangerous activity and hereby give up all my rights to sue or make any claim for damages due to negligence or any other reason whatsoever against the Tour of Honor Ride, the promoters, sponsors and all other persons, participants or organizations conducting or connected with this event for injury to property or person I may suffer, including crippling injury or death, while participating in the event. I know the risks of danger to myself and my property while preparing for and participating in the event and, relying upon my own judgment and ability, assume all such risks of loss and hereby agree to reimburse all cost to those persons or organizations connected with this event for damages incurred as a result of my negligence.

I further expressly agree that the foregoing release, waiver, and indemnity agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by any city, county, state, or federal jurisdiction through which I might pass during my participation in the Tour of Honor Ride.

By clicking the SUBMIT NOW button below, I also agree to release the use of any photos, computer images, electronic or written mail, etc. that might contain my image, for future use in promotional and/or informational activities as deemed appropriate by any of the promoters or sponsors of Tour of Honor Ride.

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