Honoring American Heroes

A tribute to all those who honorably served in the Armed Forces.

A shoutout to the First Responders who bravely rush to the scene to help those in need.

Honoring those and their families who paid the ultimate price while serving.

"Wish I'd known about it 10 years ago!"

"TOH is a great way to get out and 'see America.'" - Chris R

"The Tour of Honor has been a total remaking to my ideals of what riding can be, and can mean." - Jason M

"Best excuse for a kitchen pass I've ever had." - Wayne P

"We are touched deeply by all the many memorials we ride to." - Tom J and Linda B

"The most honorable thing I've seen done for our heroes!!!" - Ron E

"Riding to all the memorial sites around this great nation that immortalize the men and women
that paid the ultimate price for our freedom and safety is humbling and an honor." - James and Karen S

"Gives you a reason to explore new places you might not venture to otherwise." - Richard S

"This is the most fun. Having a great time." - Lee B

"Can hardly wait to sign up for next year." - James S

"So many locations that I normally wouldn't ride to." - CJ H

"You ride to areas and see things that you wouldn't ever discover on your own.
The Best Reason to Ride a Motorcycle....EVER!" - Jim B.

"A great cause, good riding, awesome sites." - Dave M

"Best Christmas gift ever!" - Denni R

"Eliza and I absolutely LOVE the Tour of Honor..." - Kenneth A