Veterans memorials

East Prairie Veterans Memorial
East Prairie Veterans Memorial in East Prairie, Missouri

East Prairie, Missouri
300 E. Washington
GPS coordinates: 36.77737,-89.38051

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This memorial is in front of the old High School in East Prairie. It is dedicated to all branches of the Military in a plaza setting, and the old historic A.L. Webb School has been transformed into a museum housing artifacts, photos, art collections, military and school memorabilia.

Also in the area: The town lies on the New Madrid Fault. In late 1811 and into early 1812 a series of earthquakes rocked the area. The largest has been judged as a 7.0+ and was felt in a 1,000,000 square mile area. People were awakened in Charleston, South Carolina, Washington D.C. and New York.

One of the most famous restaurants in this part of the world is Lamberts Cafe, with the original in Sikeston. The restaurant is famous for their throwed rolls. If you need a roll, just holler, it will be airborne to you.

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