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Gale Park War Memorial
Gale Park War Memorial in Exeter, New Hampshire

Exeter, New Hampshire
Gale Park
Front and Linden Sts.
GPS coordinates: 42.97713,-70.95556

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The former colonial capitol of New Hampshire is now home to elite prep school Phillips Exeter Academy and notable authors Dan Brown (DaVinci Code) and John Irving (World According to Garp). A hundred years ago a young sculptor named Daniel Chester French called Exeter home. It was here he built a bronze war memorial to The World War (WWI). Regarded as the greatest memorial sculptor of his time, French also created the colossal statue of Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC and the instantly recognized Minute Man statue by the North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts.

Erected in 1922 just two months after the unveiling of his statue of Lincoln, this memorial is of a mother “pointing out the path of duty to her soldier son,” and the inscription reads:

“With veneration of those who died, 
Gratitude of those who lived, 
Trust in the patriotism of those who came after,
The town of Exeter dedicates this memorial, 
To her sons and daughters of the World War.”

Also in the area: If you have an interest in our Revolutionary past, consider a visit to the nearby American Independence Museum and historic Folsom Tavern.

A short ride to the east leads to Hampton Beach and its boardwalk as well as the Marine Memorial.

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