Veterans memorials

New Hampshire War Memorial
New Hampshire War Memorial in Franconia Notch, New Hampshire

Franconia Notch, New Hampshire
Profiler Plaza
I-93 Franconia Notch Pkwy.
GPS coordinates: 44.16127,-71.67687

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Travelling on I-93 in Franconia Notch, deep in the heart of the White Mountains, you’ll find yourself a stone’s throw from the Franconia Notch State Park at the base of Cannon Mountain. In a different month, you’d come here to ski Cannon, but now you will be taking a walk down to Profile Lake where you’ll come to the Old Man of the Mountain Profiler Plaza, home to a tribute to the old rock formation now seen only on the New Hampshire State Quarter, and a half-gazillion tchotchkes at souvenir stores throughout the state.

Here you will also find the New Hampshire War Memorial. In fact, you are standing in one of the largest memorials in the world – the State of New Hampshire Franconia Notch Forest Reservation and Memorial Park. Acquired with funds from the state and the donations of 15,000 individuals in 1928, the forest here is

“Dedicated as a Memorial
To the Men and Women of New Hampshire
Who Served the Nation in Times of War”

Also in the area: Ride south on Rt 3 to the turn off to Rt 112 in Lincoln – you’re on the famous Kancamagus Highway riding through the heart of the White Mountains. While you’re at the Profiler Plaza you can find a unique set of tall steel rods that when lined up reveal the craggy face of the Old Man as well.

Stop in nearby Littleton to visit Chutter’s, home of the "World’s Longest Candy Counter!"

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