2024 Meetups!

2024 Meetups

These meetups are hosted by state sponsors and others dedicated to camaraderie and having a good time. Some are strictly no-host, while others may ask for an upfront fee to cover venue expenses, etc. Please contact the people below for more details:

May 18
Broussard, Louisiana
Southern party with band and catered Cajun food! Fee: $50 per person
Join the Louisiana Meetup Facebook group for more info
Contact: Lonnie Hotard at [email protected]

July 13
Buffalo, Wyoming
Contact: George Stanfield at [email protected]

July 19-20
Ely, Nevada
TOH Stampede: a mini-rally, TOH IBA rides and catered BBQ banquet
If you know Dale Wilson from the Iron Butt Rally, you know he puts on quite an event! Fee: $59 per person
Contact: Dale Wilson at [email protected]
Website to come

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Optional battlefield tour!
Contact: Chris Comly at [email protected]



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