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Various cities from Maryland to California
Take a photo of your rally flag with similar images in 12 different locations.

This challenge is for hard-core riders looking for something a little different. Madonna of the Trail monuments are spread from coast-to-coast in the cities listed below and the object is to visit all 12 sites between April 1 and October 31.

The 12 monuments were placed by the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1928 and 1929, and intended to portray the determined spirit of pioneer women who, often singlehandedly, helped tame the American West. The sites were selected to follow the National Old Trails Road, also known as the Ocean-to-Ocean Highway. Large parts of the road later became Highway 40 and Route 66. All 12 states the Highway passed through are represented.

From the immigrant-sculptor August Leimbach of St. Louis Missouri: “The idea I had, when I modeled the design was this: The pioneer mother with her children was waiting for the father at their blockhouse in the wild West, for the father did not come home as he had promised. She, believing him to be in danger, put her little child in a blanket, grasped the gun and with the boy ran out in the field to look for the father.

"The gun is sketched from the gun of Daniel Boone, with his carvings on the shaft. On the ground is prairie grass and cactus brushes, also arrowheads, and on one side in the shadows, there is visible in the original, a rattlesnake, partly covered by grass.

"When I was a schoolboy in the old country, the American History of the pioneer days made a deep impression on me. I thought often of those who had left the old home and all that was dear to them and had come to this country to find a field for their ambition.

"When I came to America, I often saw these people of the pioneer type, strong and brave and always ready to protect themselves against any danger. Asked to make a sketch model for a monument to a woman of pioneer days, I was inspired by my own impression of these people I had met, and the Madonna of the Trail is the result."

These are the cities where you'll find Madonna of the Trail:
MTr1 - Bethesda, Maryland
Montgomery Ln. and Wisconsin Ave.
GPS: 38.9839236,-77.094132
MTr2 - Beallsville, Pennsylvania
US Rt. 40 across from Country Club entrance
GPS: 40.0602712,-80.0129127
MTr3 - Wheeling, West Virginia
National Park Rd. and Wheeling Park Dr.
GPS: 40.0556069,-80.6692922
MTr4 - Springfield, Ohio
Fisher St. and W Columbia St.
GPS: 39.9246851,-83.8111902
MTr5 - Richmond, Indiana
National Rd. E near Elks Country Club Rd.
GPS: 39.8302784,-84.8725605
MTr6 - Vandalia, Illinois
W Gallatin St. and S 4th St.
GPS: 38.9607665,-89.094576
MTr7 - Lexington, Missouri
Cliff Dr. and Highland Ave.
GPS: 39.1864747,-93.8860863
MTr8 - Council Grove, Kansas
U.S. 56 and K-177
GPS: 38.6618889,-96.4874804
MTr9 - Lamar, Colorado
E Beech St. and S Main St.
GPS: 38.0892952,-102.6190464
MTr10 - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Marble Ave. NW and 4th St. NW
GPS: 35.0930134,-106.6499163
MTr11 - Springerville, Arizona
E Main St. and Supai
GPS: 34.1332651, -109.2851324
MTr12 - Upland, California
E Foothill Blvd. and N Euclid Ave.
GPS: 34.1071484, -117.651171

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