Veterans memorials

1) Searching for the Lost Generation (Doughboys)
2) War Dogs and K9 Heroes
3) Huey Helicopters
4) Gold Star Family Memorials
5) 9/11 Memorials
6) Veterans Cemeteries
7) Sea-to-Shining Sea Tour
8) Four Corners Ride
9) Iron Butt Association Rides

Capt. Trass at Marseilles, IL

These rides are for those wishing to make a longer ride out of the Tour of Honor, seeing more of our fine country by the finest mode of transportation. Take a week or all season, the choice is yours.

The SEARCHING FOR THE LOST GENERATION ride visits as many of the American Doughboy statues as possible.

The WAR DOGS AND K9 HEROES ride visits as many of the monuments and memorials to our canine soldiers and working dogs as possible.

The HUEY HELICOPTERS ride visits as many of the static displays of the Bell Iroquois "Huey" and Apache "Cobra" military helicopters as possible.

The GOLD STAR FAMILY MEMORIALS ride visits as many of the GSFM monuments as possible. Riders are also encouraged to attend groundbreakings and dedications of new monuments in 2024, found here.

The 9/11 MEMORIALS ride visits as many 9/11 memorials as possible.

The VETERANS CEMETERIES ride visits as many Veterans Cemeteries as possible.

The SEA-TO-SHINING SEA TOUR is a themed ride visiting 12 "Madonna of the Trail" memorials from Bethesda, Maryland to Upland, California. They can be visited in any order, any time period between April 1 and October 31. Submit the 12 sites separately from other submissions.

The FOUR CORNERS RIDE visits any memorial in the states of Washington, California, Florida and Maine, in any order, any time period between April 1 and October 31.

The following two rides are timed endurance runs and not recommended for novices. They are Iron Butt Association-certified and must meet the strict guidelines of the Iron Butt Association.

The TOUR OF HONOR SADDLESORE is a 1000-mile ride in less than 24 hours, visiting and documenting at least four TOH memorial sites, in any state, during the ride.

The TOUR OF HONOR SADDLESORE-EXTREME is a 1000-mile ride in 24 hours, visiting all seven (7) of one state's selected memorial sites, OR any seven (7) sites in a region. The starting and ending points can be outside the state/region.

Before submitting paperwork to the Iron Butt Association, you must provide proof to Tour of Honor that you visited the required sites. After approval by TOH scorers, submit the IBA paperwork, mentioning that the ride was TOH-approved. If approved by the IBA, you'll receive a special certificate from the IBA.

NOTE: Detail listings of optional ride locations may have an asterisk (*) next to their name. These are known locations where a restriction of some kind might be in effect.  

Examples would include, but not be limited to: military installations, museums, offices, cemeteries, etc. These may be accessible only on certain days, have limited hours, require a special ID or guest pass, have an admission fee, etc. It is up to riders to pre-scout locations to determine access.   

Photos of museum doors, hangars, guard shacks or other barricades visited on days or during hours when access to the object of the visit isn't available, are not eligible for scoring.

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