2021 Trophy List

Flag First Last Passenger State Trophy
595 Christian Rasmussen Alabama 1st Place
953 Jesse Alexander Alabama 1st Place
717 Kevin Ward Alabama 3rd Place
Alaska 1st Place
Alaska 2nd Place
Alaska 3rd Place
28 Jeffrey Uth Arizona 1st Place
415 Jeffrey Klar Arizona 1st Place
344 Brian Thorn Arizona 3rd Place
999 Derek Truman Arkansas 1st Place
450 Alan Hanes Arkansas 1st Place
7 Gerald Roberts Arkansas 3rd Place
386 Eric Jewell California 1st Place
603 Trina Williams California 2nd Place
692 Mary Halverson California 2nd Place
745 Val LaBarba California 2nd Place
505 Brian McLaughlin Colorado 1st Place
671 John King Colorado 2nd Place
288 Chris Goldsberry Colorado 3rd Place
605 Daren Heidebrink Dakotas 1st Place
Dakotas 2nd Place
Dakotas 3rd Place
343 Rob Carlo Florida 1st Place
945 Emmanuel Christophel Florida 2nd Place
852 Benny Burleson Florida 3rd Place
923 Stephen Diets Georgia 1st Place
399 Robert Fox Georgia 2nd Place
401 Rob Fox Georgia 2nd Place
Hawaii 1st Place
Hawaii 2nd Place
Hawaii 3rd Place
327 Kevin Tracy Idaho 1st Place
510 Howard Phelps Idaho 2nd Place
Idaho 3rd Place
326 Michael Plumeri Illinois 1st Place
88 Vicki Rossing Illinois 2nd Place
113 Brent Cornell Illinois 3rd Place
886 Shelley Sylvester Indiana 1st Place
32 Bobby McGhee Indiana 2nd Place
420 Dave Hart Indiana 2nd Place
103 Jason McLaren Iowa 1st Place
9 David Bjork Iowa 2nd Place
174 Bob Clement Iowa 2nd Place
97 Rocky Gibson Pam Moore Kansas 1st Place
387 Jeff McDowell Kansas 2nd Place
530 Lee Kibbee Kansas 2nd Place
717 Kevin Ward Kentucky 1st Place
886 Shelley Sylvester Kentucky 2nd Place
Kentucky 3rd Place
911 Van Huddleston Louisiana 1st Place
862 Neil Prisbe Louisiana 1st Place
333 Glenn Copeland Louisiana 3rd Place
797 Mike Bash Michigan 1st Place
725 Richard Griffith Michigan 2nd Place
378 Eric Hendricks Michigan 3rd Place
92 Steven Martin Mid-Atlantic 1st Place
6 Chris Comly Mid-Atlantic 2nd Place
Mid-Atlantic 3rd Place
736 Bob Costa Minnesota 1st Place
58 Darren Thomas Minnesota 2nd Place
1016 Craig Johnson Minnesota 3rd Place
911 Van Huddleston Mississippi 1st Place
862 Neil Prisbe Mississippi 2nd Place
595 Christian Rasmussen Mississippi 3rd Place
214 Wayne Pascoe Missouri 1st Place
662 Marcus Reynolds Missouri 2nd Place
163 Luke Rutledge Missouri 3rd Place
91 Charles Butler III Montana 1st Place
307 Terry Fundenberger Montana 1st Place
685 Chad Bonsness Montana 1st Place
57 George Stanfield Nebraska 1st Place
663 Dave Matthews Nebraska 1st Place
941 Larry Patten Nebraska 3rd Place
328 Kelly Quinn Nevada 1st Place
773 Ben Schultz Nevada 2nd Place
323 John Cassity Nevada 3rd Place
New England 1st Place
New England 2nd Place
New England 3rd Place
1 James Bardin New Mexico 1st Place
185 Jason Morris New Mexico 2nd Place
1012 Zachary Morris New Mexico 2nd Place
610 David Schroeder New York 1st Place
New York 2nd Place
New York 3rd Place
277 Peter Weinrich North Carolina 1st Place
106 Dave Friedrich North Carolina 2nd Place
122 Melvin McBride North Carolina 3rd Place
56 Brett Kluiber Ohio 1st Place
32 Bobby McGhee Ohio 2nd Place
420 Dave Hart Ohio 2nd Place
22 John Morton Oklahoma 1st Place
47 Mike Hall Oklahoma 2nd Place
836 Robert Peters Oklahoma 3rd Place
198 Ron Pope Oregon 1st Place
1048 John Williams Oregon 2nd Place
Oregon 3rd Place
6 Chris Comly Pennsylvania 1st Place
767 Paul Withun Pennsylvania 2nd Place
Pennsylvania 3rd Place
68 Phil Lockhart South Carolina 1st Place
137 Roger Goltz South Carolina 2nd Place
106 Dave Friedrich South Carolina 3rd Place
216 Alexander Schmidt Tennessee 1st Place
913 Joe Mears Tennessee 2nd Place
523 Daniel Lewis Tennessee 3rd Place
175 Chris Hopper Texas 1st Place
2 Ben Ernst Texas 2nd Place
4 John Anderson Texas 2nd Place
323 John Cassity Utah 1st Place
187 Terry Scholes Utah 2nd Place
858 Cory Ure Utah 3rd Place
832 DJ Stadtler Virginia 1st Place
48 Seth O'quinn Virginia 2nd Place
190 Michael Watts Virginia 3rd Place
112 Loren Timmons Washington 1st Place
301 Michael Dietsch Washington 1st Place
481 Merle Yonker Washington 1st Place
868 John Hall West Virginia 1st Place
555 John Wilson West Virginia 2nd Place
832 DJ Stadtler West Virginia 3rd Place
206 Russell Marsolek Wisconsin 1st Place
207 Matt Marsolek Wisconsin 1st Place
303 Steven Marsolek Wisconsin 1st Place
114 Steve Hodges Wyoming 1st Place
658 Paul Muirbrook Wyoming 1st Place
675 Howard Segal Wyoming 1st Place

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